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    Online Group Therapy, LLC. New
    Dr. Arthur Trotzky has been providing individual and group therapy exclusively via the Internet since 2009. Those who wish to schedule a session may fill out the questionnaire on his website and he will be in touch to schedule an online appointment. - 15-Nov-2014 - Hits: 23 - Rate This | Details
    Ask a Child Therapist Top Rated
    * Are you tired of searching all over for trusted information regarding the emotional and behavioral needs of your family? * Not sure if you or your child needs therapy? * Wondering if you should really be concerned about how your child is acting? * Not sure if you need to spend the energy and money on finding a local therapist just to find out? * Looking for the opinion of an expert in child psychology and behavior? * Want to talk to a professional but just don’t have the time? Ask a question of a licensed therapist regarding family and child mental health issues. - 26-Mar-2008 - Hits: 379 - Rate This | Details Top Rated
    Need expert parenting advice or parenting tips? Parenting help, or answers to parenting problems and questions?
    Tired of wasting time and energy searching for credible advice from a real professional?
    Wish you could find a child psychologist to make a house call, and save the time and expense of visiting one in person just to ask a single question?
    Click here to solve those issues! - 10-May-2002 - Hits: 517 - Rate This | Details
    Clarapy provides counseling and therapy services for individuals. Clarapist, are qualified professionals in the mental health profession that offer their advice for educational and informational purposes. The goal of Clarapy is to make mental health services accessible to individuals no matter where they are or how much their budget. Clarapy is a great resource for by allowing your partons to find help in ways they wouldn't be able to. - 7-Apr-2014 - Hits: 43 - Rate This | Details
    Conselis Top Rated
    Provides professional online psychological support, using cognitive behavioral techniques. Services include email counseling and interactive self-optimization trainings. - 29-Jan-2004 - Hits: 500 - Rate This | Details
    Couple Coaching Interactive Top Rated
    Developed by David Wilchfort MD especially for the internet, Couple Coaching is an online interactive training program designed to empower couples resolve relationship conflicts. This is the English adaptation of the successful German version. The site has been certified by the ZQ, a patient information organization of the German Medical Association and the German Public Insurance companies. - 27-Jun-2002 - Hits: 367 - Rate This | Details
    We provide free information to the public on various mental health conditions. We also offer affordable memberships that grant access to our professionally moderated bulletin board, online suppoer groups, and PowerPoint training on mental health topics. - 15-Aug-2005 - Hits: 295 - Rate This | Details
    Grace Tree Counseling Services
    Grace Tree Counseling offers e-therapy and counseling from your home via e-mail, direct chat and telephone services. It's professional, affordable and confidential. Specialty areas include depression, anxiety, spiritual-Christian counseling, abuse & trauma issues, recovery matters and more. Check out Grace Tree's Interactive and Ask The Counselor sections too! - 21-Aug-2005 - Hits: 337 - Rate This | Details
    Mind Over Mist Top Rated
    Mind Over Mist allows you to video conference with a certified psychotherapist. It offers the convenience of doing it from the comfort of your home, and can still communicate and give visual cues to your professional. - 1-Sep-2011 - Hits: 128 - Rate This | Details
    myTherapynet Top Rated provides an environment for licensed psychotherapists to conduct online psychotherapy and life coaching services. People are able to receive therapy in the form of real time chat, audio or video conferencing. A customer can book a 15, 25, or 50 minute session or can be connected with a therapist within 15 minutes and engage a session as long or as short as they would like. - 17-Apr-2002 - Hits: 943 - Rate This | Details
    Patricia Roles Virtual Counseling Room Top Rated
    Online counseling via e-mail with a clinical social worker specializing in birthparent loss, grief, separation, adoption, coping with illness and stress, parenting concerns, and eating disorders.

    Specialty areas:
  • eating disorders. eating disturbances and
  • weight challenges
  • adoption reunion
  • couples communication
  • spousal relationships
  • family relationships and adolescent challenges
  • art and sandplay therapy for children, youth and adults
  • birthparent loss
  • adoptive families
  • loss and grief
  • separation and divorce
  • blended families - 26-Oct-2003 - Hits: 247 - Rate This | Details




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