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    The Patient-Therapist Relationship: Choosing a Therapist
    The relationship between the patient and his or her therapist is very important to the patient's well-being. There has to be a good rapport between the two. Like any good relationship, there must be a match.

    This is Part 1 in a series of three articles on the patient-therapist relationship. The first part deals with how to choose amongst the kinds of therapists and mental health professionals available. The second part looks at professionalism within the patient-therapist relationship. The third part discusses knowing when to end a patient-therapist relationship. - 22-Dec-2004 - Hits: 534 - Rate This | Details
    What if You Don't Like Your Therapist?
    Many do not always like their therapist all the time. If they do, the therapist is probably not going through the best possible therapy with their client. If the therapist does not change the train of thought that a client is in, then there is basically no need to go to a therapy session, is there? Dr. Grohol tries to answer the question of what do you do if you do not like your therapist? Do you just quit, or stick it out? What happens, and what if it continues that you do not like your therapist at all--can you change? - 3-Apr-2006 - Hits: 108 - Rate This | Details