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    Free open-source tools and resources for mental health professionals. Psychology Tools, a central repository for materials useful to psychologists and other mental health professionals aim is to provide free downloads of copyright-free materials, and also links to copyright materials.

    This site does not just encourage a "psychology-by-numbers" approach, but does feel strongly that psychologists could benefit by sharing resources which they have developed and find useful in their daily work. It should also be a useful resource to trainees looking to develop their skills. - 19-Feb-2009 - Hits: 3844 - Rate This | Details
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    Create online surveys with confidence and ease. PsychData provides superior and IRB-preferred online survey services that are uniquely engineered to protect the integrity of social science research and sensitive data. A free trial survey is offered. - 2-Mar-2004 - Hits: 701 - Rate This | Details