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    Popular! Psychology of the Internet: Research and Theory
    Psychology of the Internet: Research and Theory is interested in the discussion and publication of research and theory related to how people relate to one another, individual's portrayal of a persona online, and general online social communications. It can include topics such as:
    • How to conduct psychological research via the Internet
    • Theory behind virtual support groups
    • Online psychotherapy (e-therapy)
    • "Internet Addiction Disorder"
    • Psychology of various online phenomenon, such as flame wars, relationships, etc.

    This list has regular volume traffic on it and is the oldest such mailing list on the Internet today for discussion of research and theory about online behavior. It was founded by one of the leading pioneers in the field of online psychology and the CEO of, Dr. John Grohol. - 23-Feb-2000 - Hits: 2639 - Rate This | Details
    Elementary School Counselors Yahoo Group
    This mailing list (listserv) is a resource and discussion platform for professional school counselors. It is designed for those counselors working with students and families at the elementary school level. More than a discussion group, this list provides not only the e-mail exchange but also an online community. The community, housed on Yahoogroups, allows archived messaging, a rich resource file system filled with lesson plans, PowerPoint presentations, forms and documents, schoolwide themes, and individual and group counseling agendas and strategies. There are also links, calendars and chat capacity. - 28-Nov-2003 - Hits: 336 - Rate This | Details