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    Popular! ABED Continuing Ed Top Rated
    APA, APT, BOP, BRN, CA BBS, FL, ISST, NAADAC, NASW, NBCC, OH, STA, TX & TX SBEPC approved online and self-study continuing education units. Satisfaction 100% guaranteed. "At ABED Continuing Ed you really can earn your ceus while staying in bed!" - 23-Jun-2010 - Hits: 5545 - Rate This | Details
    Popular! Top Rated
    For psychotherapists and others interested in psychotherapy. Incisive, in-depth, and no-holds barred interviews with top psychotherapists in the field including Kernberg, Yalom, Gottman, Szasz, Insoo Kim Berg, Hoyt, Meichenbaum, Ellis, Bugental, Pittman, and more. Articles on the experience and practice of psychotherapy from unique vantage points, invivo psychotherapy videos from master practitioners, and psychotherapy humor and wit galore!

    Continuing Education units are also available by reading or watching resources and taking an online test. - 13-Dec-2003 - Hits: 2169 - Rate This | Details
    ALISON New
    ALISON offers a wide range of free online psychology courses. Course content is broken up into modules and range in duration from three to four hours to 10 or more hours. Material includes general psychology, research methods, applied psychology, and more. - 26-Jun-2015 - Hits: 6 - Rate This | Details
    Praxis Continuing Education and Training New
    Praxis aspires to set a new standard for training and continuing education in the behavioral health professions. Training events feature:
    • Easy, online registration
    • Comfortable venues
    • On-site trainers and support from event-production professionals
    • Unique web-based consultation followups after events
    • Seamless continuing education certification
    • Easy-to-access presentation slides and support materials - 9-Jun-2015 - Hits: 8 - Rate This | Details
    Addiction Counselor Certificate Program at UF
    The online addiction certificate is designed and taught by experts in the Addiction Division of the University of Florida College of Medicine, one of the largest addiction research, training, treatment and education programs nationally. The online graduate addiction certificate curriculum reflects current research and clinical practice standards. It spans a broad range of topics, from the basic science of addiction and substance use disorders, to methods and theories of substance use evaluation and treatment, to the establishment and financing of treatment programs. The program can help students take a significant step towards becoming a substance use or substance abuse counselor, fulfilling educational requirements needed to pursue several relevant addiction counselor certifications. - 4-Mar-2015 - Hits: 36 - Rate This | Details
    Affect Plus Top Rated
    Affect Plus offers high quality, nationally-approved continuing education online for Psychologists, Social Workers, Mental Health Counselors and Marriage & Family Therapists. Dedicated to the professional's CEU needs for 25 years, Affect Plus provides personal service, with reasonable prices and a user-friendly web site. APA, NBCC and ASWB- approved provider. Special offer- $98 Package Deal- Unlimited Ceus for 6 months. - 25-Apr-2013 - Hits: 342 - Rate This | Details
    Anderson Services
    This course is available at our Brentwood, California office or on-site seven days a week and anywhere in the United States. The Anderson & Anderson Executive Coaching/Anger Management program is listed in the Directory of Physician Assessment and Remedial Education Programs, and Federation of State Medical Boards. - 23-Oct-2008 - Hits: 278 - Rate This | Details
    CE4Less helps psychologists, social workers, counselors and other mental health professionals offer professionally based Continuing Education courses at a reasonable price. They are available to peruse 24/7 and the easy-to-use requirement tool allows users to quickly what is needed for their own State, degree, program, or certification. - 29-Oct-2013 - Hits: 373 - Rate This | Details
    Genesis CE Top Rated
    Genesis CE offers an Unlimited CE pass where you can pay a fee and have a yearly CE pass. This is a great site for students, psychologists, LCSW's and other mental health professionals. Membership is free, they also have a newsletter with discounts! There are also three current FREE CE courses for you to try. - 28-May-2013 - Hits: 361 - Rate This | Details
    HealthForumOnline offers online continuing education (CE) courses to Psychologists, Counselors, Social Workers, and Marital and Family Therapists with a focus on the practice of behavioral medicine and health psychology. Their library of online CE courses for mental health professionals covers a range of categories including: adaptation to cancer, anxiety and depression, chemical dependency and substance abuse, chronic/acute illness, clinical interventions, eating disorders, forensic psychology, genetic disease, group therapy, infectious disease, LGBT issues, long-term care, neuropsychology, pain management, pediatric behavioral medicine, psychological assessment, school bullying, women's health, PTSD, sexuality/reproduction, mindfulness-based stress management, and spirituality, as well as many required topics such as ethics, cultural diversity, domestic/partner violence, aging, and HIV. - 20-Jan-2015 - Hits: 69 - Rate This | Details
    Luria Neuroscience Institute
    Luria Neuroscience Institute offers Continuing Education credits about the brain and mind in such a detailed and distinguished way. Clinicians, educators and neuroscientists can get together and acquire more knowledge about all facets of neuroscience. These are all offered from January to May 2014, and are five day affairs located in Park Lane Hotel, New York City, New York. - 5-Aug-2013 - Hits: 162 - Rate This | Details
    MiCBT Institute
    The aim of this introductory workshop in Learn how to integrate mindfulness training with core principles of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to improve ways of addressing chronic conditions, crisis and prevent relapse in a wide range of psychological disorders. This is also the home of the MiCBT Institute. - 6-Dec-2012 - Hits: 175 - Rate This | Details
    Online Therapy Institute Top Rated
    The Online Therapy Institute is designed for clinicians and organizations who wish to enrich their knowledge about online counseling, clinical supervision and the impact of technology on mental health. The Institute, founded by Kate Anthony and DeeAnna Merz Nagel is a think tank for all issues related to e-therapy. - 1-Jul-2008 - Hits: 577 - Rate This | Details
    Orion Health Academy Top Rated
    OHA provides affordable continuing healthcare education and career services in behavioral health, medicine and nursing. It features healthcare chat rooms, forums, inspirational content, humor and many professional resources. - 6-Sep-2001 - Hits: 516 - Rate This | Details