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    Popular! Aspen Education Group
    Offers boarding schools, residential treatment and outdoor therapy for at risk youth and their families. Headquartered in Cerritos, California. Aspen operates forty-seven (47) programs in nine (9) states. Aspen has been providing innovative quality educational programs that promote academic and personal growth for over two decades. - 11-Dec-2002 - Hits: 1023 - Rate This | Details
    Academy at Sisters
    Therapeutic boarding school for adolescent girls located in Bend, Oregon for at-risk girls 13-18 years old. Includes optional equine therapy program. Operating for 18 years. Average length of stay is 12-18 months. Proven, individualized approach to therapy with Dr. Julie Schneider. The Academy at Sisters focuses on success. We offer comprehensive, individualized, evidence based therapies, in conjunction with, accredited, college preparatory academics to assist students in achieving both their personal and academic goals. Caring, experienced therapists, mentors, and teachers facilitate the discovery and learning process. - 2-Jan-2012 - Hits: 152 - Rate This | Details
    Adolescent Treatment at Newport Academy
    Newport Academy is a gender-specific, comprehensive treatment program for adolescents suffering from mental health, behavioral health and substance abuse issues. The program combines the key elements essential in effectively treating adolescent girls and boys with substance abuse and other mental health disorders. Multiple locations within the US. Free, private consultations available. - 27-May-2011 - Hits: 183 - Rate This | Details
    Agape Boarding School
    Agape is low cost non-profit Christian boarding school designed to care for and help parents of troubled or rebellious teens. Agape specializes in working with boys who are defiant or have learning difficulties. Located in Stockton, MO. - 15-Feb-2011 - Hits: 187 - Rate This | Details
    Find Troubled Teen Schools and Programs
    The eProgramSearch directory was developed as an independent resource to help make the search for help for troubled teens simpler and smarter. Programs in the eProgramsearch directory are organized for parents to quickly find cost, location, treatment details, and contact information about each of the many different programs/schools for troubled teens available.

    In addition to the treatment program directory, provides other valuable resources(scholarships, financial aid, free research accounts,information about educational consultants, library, and family support) for parents who have already enrolled their teenager in a program for at risk youth or for those working to better parent troubled teens. - 4-Oct-2007 - Hits: 201 - Rate This | Details
    Heartlight Therapeutic Boarding School Top Rated
    Heartlight offers a safe and encouraging therapeutic environment for struggling adolescents specifically designed to bring about positive change in their behavior and motivations. Heartlight's approach is loving and non-threatening, building trust and relationships in a home-like relaxed atmosphere. Licensed counseling, academics, and 24/7 mentoring are all part of the Heartlight program, including training for parents and family. - 4-Nov-2010 - Hits: 529 - Rate This | Details
    Meadowood Springs
    Meadowood Springs Camp is a non-profit organization offering a camp specific to individuals and families with hearing, speech and language disorders as well as a camp centered around kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Asperger's Syndrome, ADD, ADHD, NVLD, PDD-NOS and other social learning disorders. - 18-Nov-2011 - Hits: 88 - Rate This | Details
    Millcreek of Magee
    Millcreek Behavioral Health is a provider of behavioral healthcare and educational services to emotionally disturbed and developmentally delayed children and adolescents. Their psychiatric residential treatment program serves males and females who are in need of therapeutic interventions and educational assistance in order to successfully overcome emotional and behavioral problems. - 17-Dec-2014 - Hits: 93 - Rate This | Details
    Millcreek of Pontotoc
    Millcreek of Pontotoc is a provider of mental healthcare services for children and adolescents, ages 6-20, within Northern Mississippi. They provide a Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (PRTF), which includes 51 beds and is available for boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 20 who are battling emotional and behavioral disturbances. Day Treatment is provided through therapeutic day school programming, offered at three different locations and designed to focus on academic programming that is fully accredited by the State of Mississippi. Additionally, they offer Group Homes, located in 2 separate locations, that, while similar to day treatment, are more intensive in nature. Boys and girls can partake in this option for care and receive ongoing therapeutic support while engaging in their educational programming. They also provide aftercare. - 17-Dec-2014 - Hits: 64 - Rate This | Details
    Paradigm Malibu
    Paradigm Malibu offers teen depression rehab, teenage anxiety rehab and teen drug rehab services at their Malibu, CA facility. Their adolescent eating disorder program is designed to treat issues ranging from anorexia nervosa to bulimia nervosa, binge eating and body dimorphic disorders. THeir Teen Drug Treatment program is designed to address the emotional underpinnings of addiction. - 21-Aug-2014 - Hits: 83 - Rate This | Details
    Piney Ridge Center
    Piney Ridge Behavioral Health is a residential treatment center that is designed to meet the needs of children and adolescents, ages 7-17, who are struggling with sexual behavioral problems. Since these behaviors are also usually complicated by other disorders and addictions, we are also fully qualified to treat for substance abuse as well as mental health disorders such as ADHD, PTSD, depression, anxiety disorders, and other behavioral or mood disorders. - 9-Jun-2014 - Hits: 161 - Rate This | Details
    Red Cliff Ascent
    Welcome to our wilderness. RedCliff Ascent has guided troubled teens and their families from here to the help they need for almost 20 years. RedCliff Ascent is a therapeutic wilderness program for troubled teens ages 13-17 who are on a developmental vacation, our term for a disrupted or incomplete pattern of development. Located on the high desert plateaus of Southern Utah, RedCliff Ascent covers an area of approximately 650 square miles. RedCliff is not a boot camp, adventure camp, or any other kind of camp. Our model of teen help is based on respect, trust, and the understanding that your child is more than just a diagnosis. Founded in 1993, RedCliff is different from any other kind of wilderness therapy program. We offer a level of clinical sophistication that is unmatched. RedCliff therapists donít just hold therapy sessions in the outdoors. They understand how to use the environment as a clinical tool. - 26-Nov-2012 - Hits: 150 - Rate This | Details
    Riverview Behavioral Health
    Riverview Behavioral Health provides an acute inpatient program and residential treatment program, intensive outpatient therapy, school based services, therapeutic day treatment, and traditional outpatient counseling. Their inpatient program, for children and teens, is designed to address behavioral issues like depression, self-harm, and other aggressive behaviors. Located in Texarkana, AR. - 27-Jun-2014 - Hits: 98 - Rate This | Details
    Runnymede School
    Runnymede School is an early intervention faith-based boarding school for boys age 9-16 with behavioral, academic and emotional problems. It is designed to reform destructive behavior and teach mature, respectful behavior. Located near Walnut Grove, Missouri. - 1-Feb-2011 - Hits: 81 - Rate This | Details
    Sequel Youth and Family Services Top Rated
    Sequel is a nationally recognized leader in youth services, founded in 1985 to provide therapy and education, we offer a broad continuum of treatment options for children, adolescents, and adults.

    Our options include long-term residential treatment, short-term impact programs, shelter care, therapeutic group homes, therapeutic foster care, community-based services, in-home services, and alternative education programs.

    Our populations include adjudicated delinquents, children with autism, and children, adolescents and adults with physical disabilities or sexual, substance abuse, emotional, or conduct disorders. Located in Hunstville, AL. - 11-Aug-2003 - Hits: 201 - Rate This | Details
    Strategic Insight Management
    This site offers a wealth of material for helping parents who are coping with their troubled teen. Includes a directory of resources and information on the various programs offered by the compnay, including coaching, seminars, and their treatment center and boarding school. The site offers resources for parents and their teens dealing with teen pregnancy, suicide, bulimia, anorexia, anxiety and panic, addiction, OCD and more. - 17-Aug-2004 - Hits: 300 - Rate This | Details
    Swavalamban Children Rehabilitation Centre
    Swavalamban Children Rehabilitation Centre offers Occupational Therapy, Sensory Integration /Therapy, Speech & language therapy, Special education and Counseling services for children. As part of their service, they provide detailed assessment of Gross and Fine Motor (physical) strength and endurance, evaluation Of Perceptual-cognitive (higher Mental Ability) skills, psycho-social support to patient and their family.

    SCRC is specialized in Sensory Integration Therapy (SI), Neuro Developmental Therapy (NDT), Behavior Therapy(BT), Cognitive Perceptual training, Handwriting training program and ADL (self skills) training. Located in Freegunj, Ujjain (MP. - 11-Mar-2015 - Hits: 28 - Rate This | Details
    The Attention Center
    Located in Cleveland, Ohio, The Attention Center provides comprehensive, 360-degree care for children, families and adults affected by ADHD. The Attention Center uses a strength-based treatment model, provides customized plans, and holistic support in the treatment of ADHD. - 22-Mar-2013 - Hits: 75 - Rate This | Details
    The Healing House Top Rated
    David & Margaret Youth and Family services include residential shelter care for adolescent girls, a foster family agency, adoption assistance, mental health services, family preservation and support, treatment for learning disabilities, a transitional living program, as well as school- and community-based education and mentoring programs. Additionally, they offer a chemical dependency program that is certified by the State of California for residents who are recovering from substance abuse. Located in La Verne, CA. - 27-Feb-2002 - Hits: 493 - Rate This | Details
    Wolf Creek Academy
    Wolf Creek is a residential treatment center and Christian boarding school designed for teenagers who are experiencing behavioral difficulties, anger, depression, attachment disorders, or who are participating in self-harm or have diminishing academic performance due to trauma in their life. Their separate facilities for boys and girls are located in Western North Carolina, US. - 1-Feb-2011 - Hits: 91 - Rate This | Details