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    Teen-Issues Yahoo Group
    This support group has been formed to offer an outstretched arm to teenagers who struggle with one or more of the following issues: sexual, physical, verbal or emotional abuse; cutting; bullying; eating disorders; family issues; sexuality; substance abuse; peer pressure; pregnancy; running away; thoughts of suicide and more. You are not alone and we want you to know that. It's extremely difficult to go through the teenage years and then when you add on any of the abuse it makes it that much worse. In addition you end up growing up faster than your chronological age.

    Join this list and email with other teenagers who understand your needs and wants. Seek support from others and be there to support them through their difficult times, too. - 29-Nov-2011 - Hits: 58 - Rate This | Details
    The Black Dog
    The Black Dog is Ireland's interactive self-help site for men coping with mental distress. It is a place to visit, take your time, exchange views and advice, get angry, relax or get information which might be useful.

    Although this site is primarily for men, and Irish men in particular, we at the black dog welcome everybody to the site. We hope the web site is useful to women as well as men. Mental distress knows no borders and we welcome you wherever you're from.

    We are confidential, independent, non-judgemental, readily available and easy to switch off. - 18-Nov-2005 - Hits: 407 - Rate This | Details
    The Limbic Region
    The Limbic Region is a Yahoo peer support group with more than 150 members. It was founded March 2003 by Louise who also is the primary moderator for the group.

    The Limbic Region is a one stop Group for Chats, Support, and News Articles related to any Mental Health Illness, offering e-mail list and relay chat. Chats are twice daily (see web site for times). The group is very active. - 24-Jun-2004 - Hits: 103 - Rate This | Details
    Wild Minds Network
    Wild Minds Network is an online support site for people with Maladaptive Daydreaming. We've got over 100 members and growing. Come discuss & share what it's like living with this emerging condition. Friends, family members, and anyone who wants to learn about this are welcome. - 1-Sep-2010 - Hits: 54 - Rate This | Details