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    Popular! Finding Happiness and Self-actualization
    We are all about living the good life, which means staying healthy, keeping fit, not running up mounds of debt - and above all, happiness.

    What is happiness? How do you define it? How do you increase it? Does true happiness really exist? Join us on our fantastic voyage of fitness and nutrition, inspiration and motivation, frugal and clever, tips and observations, humor and joy. - 31-Oct-2003 - Hits: 3687 - Rate This | Details
    Blog PSYTX New
    Since 2010, Dr. Jeffery Smith, MD, has been blogging about a wide range of psychotherapy-related topics ranging from trauma to codependency. Aimed at the general public,he seeks to make complex topics clear and easy to understand. - 25-Sep-2014 - Hits: 22 - Rate This | Details
    Fresh Hope Today New
    Fresh Hope Today is a weekly podcast by Pastor Brad Hoefs. Brad has a mental health diagnosis, and his podcast seeks to encourage others to live well in spite of a diagnosed mental illness. The podcast is faith based, but offers practical insight to believers and non-believers alike. - 29-Sep-2014 - Hits: 18 - Rate This | Details
    A Shift of Mind
    A Shift of Mind offers a provocative reframing of how we look at reality, our lives and our relationships. Its intention is to challenge our beliefs and thinking so that we may overcome many of the struggles that we endure. Steeped in a new approach to thought, this blog addresses many of the common issues in our lives with a very uncommon approach. I contend that a shift of mind is the most powerful thing in the universe. A new insight ”with a commitment and intention toward change” frees us from the past and writes a new script for our lives. By integrating the emerging sciences into psychology, I have developed a revolutionary approach to self-actualization. This advance in conceptual thinking enables people to enjoy the process of becoming rather than obsessing over the states of being; as a result people live more successful, fulfilling, and productive lives. - 27-Mar-2012 - Hits: 732 - Rate This | Details
    Amanda Green Author
    My blog is all about mental health, BPD, depression, alochol and other addictions and much more. I do relevant book reviews and am also going to launch my own e-book memoir about my struggle with various disorders/addictions/obsessions. - 11-Feb-2012 - Hits: 538 - Rate This | Details
    Being Truly Present Top Rated
    My intent is to produce blog posts that are part “article” and part “reflection”. Ahh…but what exactly does that mean, you ask? Good question (smile). The “article” part means that each post will have substance to it by providing information, concepts and links to other blogs, websites, authors, etc. The focus of the “article” will be on something I want to know more about (and hopefully you will too), as it relates to being more fully present, engaged, passionate, inspired, spiritually alive and connected. The “reflection” part will be what brings the information to life and give it more depth. It might be questions I’m asking myself (and you might be too?) or struggles I might be having to put it into practice (i.e. meditation – so much easier on paper than in real life!!). Bottom line? My intent is that by researching a particular topic and reflecting on it, we will both receive something of value from it. My promise to myself (and you) is a ”blogger’s creed” I set out for myself when I decided to enter the world of social media: I will ensure that what I post and tweet will be words that I can take pride in, words that have depth, have value and contribute something to the well-being of others. My writing will come from within me and will be true to me. - 9-Apr-2013 - Hits: 342 - Rate This | Details
    Beyond Meds Top Rated
    This blog documents and shares many natural methods of self-care for finding and sustaining health in body, mind and spirit. This blog also deals with wider issues in the socio/political and spiritual realms as they pertain to mental health and human rights issues surrounding psychiatry. - 18-Jun-2008 - Hits: 360 - Rate This | Details
    Beyond Vermont State Hospital (VSH)
    Read About, Comment On, and Discuss Mental Health Matters in Vermont: The Beyond VSH blog is a team blog solely dedicated to exploring both the future of Vermont State Hospital (VSH) and the community mental health system -- including alternatives, blogged by various mental health advocates and activists as well as interested others living or working within the state whom are hoping to weigh in on these and related matters.

    Blog owner: Morgan W. Brown - 4-Dec-2005 - Hits: 248 - Rate This | Details
    Bipolarly Top Rated
    Bipolarly explores many different aspects of living with mental illness. This blog does discuss more about bipolar, however; the also do mention other mental health issues, such as depression. There are also a bookstore, humor, medication and treatment and recovery tabs. - 1-Oct-2013 - Hits: 273 - Rate This | Details
    Blogging Behavioral
    Welcome. I'm Sandy Andrews, PhD, a licensed clinical psychologist practicing in South Austin. My theoretical foundation is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). My blog's intent (and they all have one, whether they admit it or not) is to share some of what I know about clinical psychology and perspectives gained from across the couch. - 28-Jul-2009 - Hits: 450 - Rate This | Details
    Cognitive Daily
    A new cognitive psychology article nearly every day, exploring recent psychological themes, research and news. Cognitive Daily reports nearly every day on fascinating peer-reviewed developments in cognition from the most respected scientists in the field. - 8-Sep-2005 - Hits: 433 - Rate This | Details
    Confessions of a Serial Insomniac Top Rated
    A survivor of childhood sexual abuse and abandonment candidly discusses her life in therapy for borderline personality disorder and complex PTSD with psychotic and dissociative features, major depression and social anxiety. Searingly honest, tragically witty and with an engaging, intelligent writing style, this is an award-winning and popular blog that anyone with any connection to mental illness should be able to enjoy. - 14-Jun-2010 - Hits: 972 - Rate This | Details
    Cope With Life
    Cope With Life (CWL) offers simple solutions from an everyday guy talking about stuff he’s been through Real life experiences, not medical or professional advice, but rather insights, peer-to-peer, helping you gain perspective and find solutions. My life has been anything but dull. Events and life experiences have challenged me to find creative solutions and face things head on. In many ways, I’m dropping my pants and revealing vulnerabilities – hopefully these experiences will help you cope with your life obstacles. - 27-Oct-2011 - Hits: 260 - Rate This | Details
    The Curious Curatio blog is a vehicle for broadcasting the successes and struggles of seekers and survivors, and for generally distilling all good healing wisdom from the web and world beyond. Curiousť means eager to know. Curatio is Latin for healing.ť Hence, here we are eager to know healing and to help it grow. - 28-Apr-2013 - Hits: 93 - Rate This | Details
    Dr. Lipari's Website: Home of the Psych Minute
    This is a general psychology site. The blog, "The Crazy World We Live In" discusses current events with a psycholgy point of view. Podcasts of THE PSYCH MINUTE explores and explains a piece of research or a psychological concept. The monthly NEWSLETTER will explore a range of psychological topics. Finally, the site is new (Jan.2nd, 2006) and will be adding new features such as an online chat room and will feature from time to time prominent mental health professionals. Currently, we are trying to establish the site and build an audience. Thank you very much for considering the site. JL - 25-Jan-2006 - Hits: 214 - Rate This | Details
    Dr. Russ' blog: anxiety, CBT & more... Top Rated
    I'm Dr. Russ Morfitt. My passion is to help people understand their anxiety and depression and provide them with tools to manage and ultimately to overcome it. I write about general anxiety, social anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues that prevent people from living their lives to the fullest. My blog includes tips and tricks for dealing with these issues in ones daily life and proven methods for finally overcoming them through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). The blog is part of a larger site that includes additional resources for sufferers including a free social anxiety questionnaire, a community forum, and the Learn to Live Social Anxiety Program “ an interactive online program based on the proven principles of CBT. - 3-Dec-2013 - Hits: 122 - Rate This | Details




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