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    GeneSight is a genetic test that helps healthcare providers take a personalized approach to prescribing medicine for patients. Using DNA gathered with a simple cheek swab, GeneSight analyzes a patient's genes and provides individualized information to help healthcare providers select medications that better match their patient's genes. - 15-Sep-2014 - Hits: 167 - Rate This | Details
    Haldol (Haloperidol)
    Haloperidol is classified as an antipsychotic medication and is used to treat patients that suffer from delusions, hallucinations, unorganized thought and hostility. This medicine may also be prescribed to treat severe behavioral problems in children. Haloperidol may be prescribed for other uses as well. - 1-Mar-2004 - Hits: 509 - Rate This | Details
    Klonopin (Clonazepam)
    Clonazepam is used to control seizures. It also is used to relieve anxiety. This medication is sometimes prescribed for other uses; ask your doctor or pharmacist for more information. Clonazepam also is used to treat symptoms of Parkinson's disease, twitching, schizophrenia, and pain management. Talk to your doctor about the possible risks of using this drug for your condition. - 1-Mar-2004 - Hits: 611 - Rate This | Details
    Malpractice Center
    Medical malpractice is a very serious problem that can cause people to experience serious medical problems that could have been easily prevented. This occurs in many serious forms and in some cases entails more than just the doctor working on a patient. Malpractice Center exists because they believe that everyone affected should have the best resources and information available to them. - 20-Jan-2016 - Hits: 52 - Rate This | Details
    Ortho Evra
    Norelgestromin and ethinyl estradiol transdermal system (patch) is used to prevent pregnancy. Norelgestromin is a progestin and ethinyl estradiol is an estrogen. Estrogen and progestin are two female sex hormones. Norelgestromin and ethinyl estradiol contraceptive patch works by preventing the release of eggs from the ovaries (ovulation) and changing the cervical mucus and the lining of the uterus. The contraceptive patch is a very effective method of birth control, but it does not prevent the spread of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. - 1-Mar-2004 - Hits: 144 - Rate This | Details
    Ortho Tri-Cyclen (Estrogen and Progestin)
    Oral contraceptives (birth-control pills) are used to prevent pregnancy. Estrogen and progestin are two female sex hormones. Combinations of estrogen and progestin work by preventing the release of eggs from the ovaries (ovulation) and changing the cervical mucus and the lining of the uterus. Oral contraceptives are a very effective method of birth control, but they do not prevent the spread of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. - 1-Mar-2004 - Hits: 155 - Rate This | Details
    Propecia (Finasteride)
    Finasteride (fin-AS-tur-ide) belongs to the group of medicines called enzyme inhibitors. It is used to treat urinary problems caused by enlargement of the prostate (benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH). Finasteride also is used by some balding men to stimulate hair growth. If hair growth is going to occur with the use of finasteride, it usually occurs after the medicine has been used for about 3 months and lasts only as long as the medicine continues to be used. The new hair will be lost within 1 year after finasteride treatment is stopped. - 1-Mar-2004 - Hits: 154 - Rate This | Details
    Psychiatric Top Rated
    A helpful medication database of prescription drugs, especially those prescribed for psychiatric and mental health disorders and conditions. Includes information on popular drugs such as Zoloft, Paxil, Prozac, Xanax, Wellbutrin and more. Depression drugs, anti-anxiety agents, anti-psychotic medications are all covered in this reference database. - 31-Mar-2004 - Hits: 829 - Rate This | Details
    Psychopharmacology Institute
    Clinical psychopharmacology education for mental health professionals. The Psychopharmacology Institute is an ongoing project aimed to provide unbiased, evidence-based online education in clinical psychopharmacology. This website includes an online course, a video presentation on antipsychotic agents and more. Please be reminded it is being updated. - 31-May-2013 - Hits: 115 - Rate This | Details
    Renova (Tretinoin)
    Tretinoin (TRET-i-noyn) is used to treat acne. It works partly by keeping skin pores clear. One of the tretinoin creams is used to treat fine wrinkles, dark spots, or rough skin on the face caused by damaging rays of the sun. It works by lightening the skin, replacing older skin with newer skin, and by slowing down the way the body removes skin cells that may have been harmed by the sun. Tretinoin works best when used within a skin care program that includes protecting the treated skin from the sun. However, it does not completely or permanently erase these skin problems or greatly improve more obvious changes in the skin, such as deep wrinkles caused by sun or the natural aging process. Tretinoin may also be used to treat other skin diseases as determined by your doctor. - 1-Mar-2004 - Hits: 151 - Rate This | Details
    Rx Dangers
    RX Dangers was created to educate the American public on current pharmaceutical drugs and devices commonly being used within the United States. Resources include information regarding drug side effects, interactions and recalls, litigation updates, and more. - 13-Jun-2016 - Hits: 37 - Rate This | Details