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    Dr. Tom Linden's Guide to Online Medicine
    by Tom Linden, M.D. and Michelle L. Kienholz
    McGraw-Hill (ISBN: 0-07-038055-4)

    Dr. Tom Linden's Guide to Online Medicine What can I say about this book? It offers a personal guide to many, many medical resources found available online, including the big commercial services. And it doesn't limit itself to just the Web, but includes discussion groups as well as regional BBS's that address specific problems and disorders. It's a fascinating travel guide to the online world, and offers step-by-step "how-to's" for the beginner. It even breaks up the monotony of simply listing resources by offering personal reviews of each resource, as well as personal stories by the people who maintain or use the resources (including yours truly). - 4-May-2000 - Hits: 441 - Rate This | Details

    Lean on Me. (Cancer Book)
    Mesothelioma Cancer Book. Inspirational true story of a man's battle with mesothelioma and his wife's emotional journey as she cares for him and improves the quality of his life. Topics included are: Cancer Pain Management, Symptom Control, Palliative Care, Quality of Life, Coping with Grief, plus excerpts and poems from wife's personal diary. Highly recommended by the Cancer Council for those who have and particularly those who care for, loved ones with all types of cancer. - 11-Oct-2005 - Hits: 113 - Rate This | Details
    The Self-Help Sourcebook
    Compiled and Edited by Barbara J. White & Edward J. Madara
    6th Edition (ISBN: 0963432206, ISSN: 8756-1425)

    The Self-Help Sourcebook This is a wonderful guide for people looking to find or form mutual aid self-help groups in their local community. I find that it is a well-written and an invaluable resource. It lists, by topical categories, all the self-help support groups known in various communities across the United States.

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    Make your check payable to: Northwest Covenant Medical Center. - 4-May-2000 - Hits: 157 - Rate This | Details