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    Advocates for the Integration of Recovery and Methadone (AFIRM) Top Rated
    This organization's mission is to support methadone as an effective tool of recovery that can be enhanced through the integration of other treatment approaches. They promote the development of Methadone Anonymous (MA) and other 12-step fellowships, as well as clinical treatment alternatives, such as incorporating spirituality and Stage Change modalities into traditional treatment settings. Our research and development component conducts research outcomes to verify the legitimacy of our treatment approach. - 12-Jun-2005 - Hits: 220 - Rate This | Details
    CareNovateMag Top Rated is social health platform that provides simple, yet actionable tips, health, caregiving insights & health innovation news specifically for women, caregivers, chief everything officers (CEOs) aka MOM, seniors, and healthcare advocates. . - 19-Dec-2012 - Hits: 79 - Rate This | Details
    Divorce support for under 35's Top Rated is a divorce recovery community site for people under 35 years old featuring message boards, articles, statistics and useful links. Site visitors share information, advice, our stories and each others suggestions. - 5-Oct-2001 - Hits: 327 - Rate This | Details
    Health & Wellness
    This Facebook group is committed to enhancing the health and wellness of all its member through the sharing of information and knowledge about breakthroughs in the medical field, alternative medicines, the power of herbs and vitamins and natural remedies as well as the latest knowledge and advances that can help one to live a longer and healthier life. - 20-Mar-2015 - Hits: 55 - Rate This | Details
    Methadone Anonymous Top Rated
    We, of Methadone Anonymous, believe that methadone is a therapeutic tool of recovery that may or may not be discontinued in time, dependent upon the needs of the individual.

    We believe that continued abstinence from opiates and other chemicals, including alcohol, is the foremost goal of recovery. It is the purpose of this fellowship to learn to develop a positive lifestyle, live in harmony with ourselves and the rest of the world, and to help those of us who still suffer from chemical dependency of any kind to achieve and maintain sobriety. - 12-Jun-2005 - Hits: 206 - Rate This | Details
    Myeloproliferative disease support web site and daily email digest. Top Rated
    Since 1994, our MPD-SUPPORT web site and free support email list offers interesting information on chronic myelogenous leukemia, polycythemia vera, essential thrombocythemia, agnogenic myeloid metaplasia, myelodysplasia, and myelofibrosis. Anyone - patient, family member, or health professional, is welcome to join our growing list of subscribers. Our archives are available for you to research information. - 30-Oct-2008 - Hits: 756 - Rate This | Details
    Spine Talk Top Rated
    Spine Talk is more than just a support board for those suffering with spinal problems. There are many categories for those that need help with grief recovery, weight management,depression, and anxiety attacks. There are very many interesting boards on many health topics as well. Lots of articles and pictures. - 25-Aug-2006 - Hits: 129 - Rate This | Details