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    Administration on Aging
    The Elders and Families section of the Administration on Aging website is designed to assist older persons and their caregivers quickly obtain information and resources on a variety of aging-related topics. Topics include:
    • Alzheimer's Resource Room
    • Disaster Assistance
    • Elder Rights & Resources
    • For Caregivers
    • Housing
    • How to Find Help
    • Nutrition
    • Promoting Healthy Lifestyles
    • Services for Seniors
    • Volunteer Opportunities - 28-Nov-2006 - Hits: 329 - Rate This | Details
    Alcohol and Seniors
    This newly developed site focuses on alcohol issues that impact seniors. The health focussed site covers prevention, education, and treatment. It also includes alcohol information specific to older women, such as health concerns, treatment barriers, and alcohol's relationship to caregiving, dementia, and elder abuse. - 26-Feb-2003 - Hits: 641 - Rate This | Details
    Depression and the Elderly
    In our natural life process, aging can be a time of loneliness, aches and even depression. In the article, Dr. Framingham helps to show that depression can occur in the elderly and that it does need to be treated. Listed in the article are items to watch out for which may tell of elderly depression, and how to tell the difference between "the blues" and depression itself. - 1-Mar-2006 - Hits: 513 - Rate This | Details
    A huge resource of elderly resources, including topics on health, living arrangements, dying, financial, social, mental, spiritual and many others aspects of aging. A great aging resource. - 20-Jan-2000 - Hits: 469 - Rate This | Details Top Rated is a friendly, easy-to-use gateway that offers information and online resources focused on mental health, elder care, and aging well. A non-profit enterprise, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Santa Monica and the Center for Healthy Aging, their editors continually search the Web for the best non-commercial links related to their topics. - 15-Jun-2003 - Hits: 230 - Rate This | Details
    We provide consumers with needed information nursing homes, assisted living/residential care, and other types of long term care. Finding care may seem difficult or even overwhelming at first.

    Learn how to:
    • Find and select a nursing home or assisted living facility;
    • Prepare yourself and your family for the transition to long term care ;
    • Write an advance directive, making sure your wishes are known; and
    • Pay for long term care.

      There may be a time when you or your loved one will no longer be able to care for themselves independently. Care Conversations focuses on people and the honest discussions needed to plan and prepare for the future. - 29-Nov-2006 - Hits: 227 - Rate This | Details
      National Institute on Aging
      The website of the National Institute on Aging (NIA). The NIA -- one of the 27 Institutes and Centers of the NIH -- has been at the forefront of the Nation's research activities dedicated to understanding the nature of aging, supporting the health and well being of older adults, and extending healthy, active years of life for more people. - 28-Nov-2006 - Hits: 115 - Rate This | Details
      NIH Senior Health
      NIH Senior Health delivers up-to-date health information in easily accessible formats for seniors or persons with disabilities. Topics include:
      • Alzheimer's Disease
      • Arthritis
      • Balance Problems
      • Breast Cancer
      • Caring for Someone with Alzheimer's
      • Cataract
      • Colorectal Cancer
      • COPD
      • Diabetes
      • Diabetic Retinopathy
      • Dry Mouth
      • Exercise for Older Adults
      • Falls and Older Adults
      • Glaucoma
      • Hearing Loss
      • Heart Attack
      • Heart Failure
      • High Blood Pressure
      • Low Vision
      • Lung Cancer
      • Macular Degeneration
      • Osteoporosis
      • Paget's Disease of Bone
      • Problems with Smell
      • Problems with Taste
      • Prostate Cancer
      • Shingles
      • Sleep and Aging
      • Stroke
      • Taking Medicines - 28-Nov-2006 - Hits: 98 - Rate This | Details
      Positive Aging Resource Center
      Positive Aging Resource Center (PARC) provides information to older adults and caregivers. Learn about mental health, it's impact on emotional wellness, and what you can do to manage it. Check out PARC's tips on keeping your body healthy and section on staying connected to the world. Read stories on how others have coped with major life changes. - 30-Nov-2006 - Hits: 118 - Rate This | Details
      SeniorNet helps provide older adults education for and access to computer technologies to enhance their lives and enable them to share their knowledge and wisdom.

      Check out SeniorNet's Health Guides. Learn how to search the Web for trustworthy health information health sites abound on the World Wide Web. SeniorNet also offers online discussion, chat, low-cost courses, and more! - 30-Nov-2006 - Hits: 45 - Rate This | Details
      Wiser Now
      Wiser Now, Inc. is a learning development and curriculum company specializing in aging issues with a focus on Alzheimer's disease, brain health and activities, caregiving, and creative training techniques. - 3-Jul-2008 - Hits: 413 - Rate This | Details




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