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    A Place for the Heart
    A site dedicated to providing self help resources using the healing philosophy of Louise Hay. Provides free online meditation, problem page, guides for breathwork, meditation, visualisation and releasing techniques. Also has details of workshops and resources available. - 17-Sep-2005 - Hits: 191 - Rate This | Details
    Bipolar Blessings
    Bipolar Blessings is a faith-based resource for those experiencing depression, bipolar disorder, and other mood and personality disorders. Founded by health coach with lived experience Kelley Thorpe Baker, visitors can pay for lifestyle coaching workshops led by Kelley, or simply navigate the site for a variety of free tools, resources, and a weekly blog post written to support those with mental health disorders and their support systems. - 31-Mar-2015 - Hits: 280 - Rate This | Details
    Gentle Stress Relief
    A light-hearted resource of stress relief guidance and tips - explains stress and its causes. Provides tips for instant stress relief as well as stress prevention, emotional stress reducers, lifestyle choices, herbs, exercise, nutrition and techniques. Emphasis on simple, cost effective, natural and drug free solutions that enhance health, wellness peace and happiness. - 12-Mar-2009 - Hits: 580 - Rate This | Details is the web's premiere free life coaching, personal growth, and self help resource. contains articles, podcasts and tools for creating positive and long lasting lifestyle change. - 16-Jun-2008 - Hits: 147 - Rate This | Details
    I'm a life coach and alternative healer. I blog weekly at the site listed and the majority of what I talk about is self help + the inner workings of the mind, body, and soul. Years ago I also had psychological issues. I thought that it was something that had to be cured with medicine or a ton of psychotherapy, but what I found was that my issues had all to do with my mind and how I allowed it to function. It wasn't something that was happening by itself at all. That's why I blog and write what I write about. My goal is to help people become aware of their inner workings so that they can cure themselves naturally. And I can do that with ease and certainty because I've done the work myself and got out of that black hole with flying colors. - 1-Apr-2014 - Hits: 69 - Rate This | Details
    Kelee Spiritual Foundation Top Rated
    The Kelee meditation practice helps individuals find and release anxiety and fear. The Kelee Spiritual Foundation helps people to free themselves from the burdens of life through teaching the Kelee Meditation Practice. This Foundation supports environmental causes and the emotional side of individuals on the path of being sick and getting well. - 6-Aug-2007 - Hits: 611 - Rate This | Details
    The Penninghame Process
    Set in the surroundings of a Victorian mansion in South West Scotland, The Penninghame Process is a six day, intensive residential course designed to teach you how to uncover aspects of your inner self, release unexpressed emotions, move past blockages and examine subconscious strategies whilst allowing yourself to express authentic feelings. - 13-Aug-2015 - Hits: 53 - Rate This | Details