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    Popular! Grief Healing
    Developed by a certified bereavement counselor, this site offers information, comfort and support to those who are anticipating or mourning the loss of a loved one, whether human or animal. Includes articles on various aspects of loss as well as links to other resources. - 25-Apr-2000 - Hits: 2841 - Rate This | Details
    Popular! Top Rated
    Excellent site with loads of information and 37 email support groups, room for personal memorial pages, a site for kids support, and a guestbook for posting messages. I have been a volunteer for more than 4 years, after finding them when in great need, and know it's an excellent resource and the support groups are very helpful. The director is Cendra Lynn and her email is - 5-Sep-2000 - Hits: 2606 - Rate This | Details
    Popular! Grieving
    This site from the Hospice Foundation of America provides extensive information about the grieving process, including dozens of articles and useful information for anyone going through the grieving process. Articles include:
    • Shattering Eight Myths About Grief
    • A Year is a Relative Thing
    • Facing Sudden Loss
    • Guilt and Regret in Prolonged Illness
    • Helping a Child Deal with Death
    • Eight Myths About Children and Loss
    • Reflections on Spiritual Problems in Sudden Loss
    • After Caregiving Ends
    • Holiday Memories
    • Grief and the Holidays
    • Am I Losing My Mind? - 4-Mar-2005 - Hits: 3459 - Rate This | Details
    Popular! Top Rated
    Created by Tom Golden, LCSW, this website is devoted to helping people understand and deal with profound grief. provides free resources for those experiencing loss, including articles and forums, as well as paid services and tools provided by Mr. Golden through his workshops and private practice. - 19-Jan-2000 - Hits: 8319 - Rate This | Details
    Popular! WidowNet Top Rated
    Thank you for visiting WidowNet, an information and self-help resource for, and by, widows and widowers. Topics covered include grief, bereavement, recovery, and other information helpful to people, of all ages, religious backgrounds and sexual orientations, who have suffered the death of a spouse or life partner. - 5-Feb-2000 - Hits: 1315 - Rate This | Details
    Center for Complicated Grief
    The Center for Complicated Grief seeks to improve the lives of people with complicated grief through a comprehensive program of outreach, education, training, and research. The Centers activities focus on four key areas:

  • Raising awareness of CG in the general population so that individuals suffering with prolonged, complicated grief, as well as their family and friends, will recognize the condition and learn where to find help.
  • Working to disseminate CG-related assessment and therapeutic tools to practicing clinicians such as grief counselors and health professionals.
  • Developing curricula for graduate, post-masters and post-doctoral education of mental health professionals.
  • Fostering innovative research to continuously improve complicated grief treatment and treatment dissemination.

  • The Center is committed to training mental health clinicians to administer and teach complicated grief treatment. - 15-Jan-2015 - Hits: 51 - Rate This | Details
    Chance's Spot Top Rated
    Chance's Spot is a great pet loss and support site, offering everything from pet tributes that anyone can add, a weekly newsletter, grief resources for grieving pet owners, and a thriving support group. - 16-Nov-2007 - Hits: 248 - Rate This | Details
    Not so long ago, one of us was reading an article online that she thought her father would like. She found herself starting to forward it to him; unfortunately, he passed away about 11 years ago. It really startled her that a) she momentarily forgot and b) she couldn't send him the article!

    Letterwishes was created so that people can send emails to people who have passed away or otherwise cannot be contacted by regular means. This is a website allowing people to send emails to lost friends and relatives. - 11-Aug-2009 - Hits: 185 - Rate This | Details
    This site offers resources for women looking for resources for help with grief after abortion. A self-help plan is offered as well as a free downloadable inventory to evaluate abortion grief in the individual. Coming from a non-judgmental, non-political, strictly professional perspective. Also offers resources for professional therapists to address this issue with their clients. - 23-Feb-2014 - Hits: 70 - Rate This | Details
    Pet Loss Help Top Rated
    PetLossHelp.Org is a website devoted to helping you manage the grieving process that follows the loss of an animal companion. Losing a precious pet can be among the most devastating experiences in a person’s life. Often we are overwhelmed with feelings that are so strong, we feel as if we cannot tolerate the intensity of the grief. - 17-Mar-2010 - Hits: 205 - Rate This | Details




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