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    Symptoms of Nightmare Disorder
    A description of symptoms related to Nightmare Disorder, repeated awakenings from the major sleep period or naps with detailed recall of extended and extremely frightening dreams, usually involving threats to survival, security, or self-esteem.
    On awakening from the frightening dreams, the person rapidly becomes oriented and alert (in contrast to the confusion and disorientation seen in Sleep Terror Disorder and some forms of epilepsy). - 1-Jun-2000 - Hits: 905 - Rate This | Details
    Symptoms of Social Phobia Top Rated
    A description of symptoms related to Social Phobia, an intense fear of becoming humiliated in social situations, specifically of embarrassing yourself in front of other people. Some people confuse shyness with social anxiety. While shy people may be uneasy around others, they generally donít experience the same kinds of extreme anxiety someone with a social phobia does. - 2-Jun-2000 - Hits: 720 - Rate This | Details