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    Association for Science in Autism Treatment
    Association for Science in Autism Treatment is committed to science as the most objective, time-tested and reliable approach to discerning between safe, effective autism treatments, and those that are harmful or ineffective. ASAT supports all scientifically sound research on the prevention, treatment and cure of autism, as well as all treatments for autism that are shown to be effective through solid scientific research, regardless of discipline or domain. Until recently autism was considered to be lifelong and severely incapacitating. However scientific investigation has demonstrated that, with early, effective and validated intervention, individuals with autism can make significant improvements and lead lives filled with hope, promise and purpose. Some, in fact, can achieve normal social and intellectual functioning. Despite these profound advances, many individuals with autism are unable to obtain effective treatment due to a lack of knowledge and access to this vital, scientific information. - 25-Dec-2005 - Hits: 49 - Rate This | Details
    Fact Sheet on Autism, Asperger's Syndrome and Related Disorders--A Guide for Parents
    Autism-help is the work of Barry Morris, an Australian social worker with web skills and a social conscience. The site contains an extensive array of free articles on autism, aspergers and pervasive developmental disorders. Parents of children with these disorders will find articles on diagnosis, treatment, communication, behaviour and learning and where to find support. As with any of these kinds of sites, readers should use the information as a guide only and seek professional advice for confirmation. - 11-Jun-2007 - Hits: 289 - Rate This | Details
    Life Skills Winner
    Life Skills Winner is an app that teaches both social and life skills to autistics and other special needs individuals. It was created by Scott Deutsch who is autistic and dyslexic for his sister Marcy who is not only autistic but is also suffers from schizoaffective disorder. It is used in schools and in autism programs and is interactive and fun to play. A little about Scott: he was considered to be unable to learn math and other subjects when he was younger, but despite the grim future outlook the school had for him he graduated DeVry at the top of his class in game and simulation programming and even got his Masters. Unable to get a job because of his autism he decided to do something that would help people with learning disabilities or brain damage. - 30-Jun-2012 - Hits: 35 - Rate This | Details
    The Autism Acceptance Project Top Rated
    The Autism Acceptance Project (TAAP) seeks to "promote acceptance of and accommodations for autistic people in society".

    Advised and headed by health professionals and people with autism and asperger spectrum disorders, the TAAP website is an excellent resource for professionals and consumers in the area of autism. - 12-Jun-2007 - Hits: 126 - Rate This | Details