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Conditions manifesting before adulthood, including mental retardation, cerebral palsy, autism, Down's Syndrome, and Asperger's Syndrome.
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Conditions affecting one or more body's systems (respiratory, immunological, neurological, circulatory, or digestive systems)
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    Popular! The Arc: Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Top Rated
    A good resource of updated online links to start your search for disability resources. Includes the following categories: Information About Specific Mental Retardation Conditions, Support for Community Living, Employment/Transition to Work, General Information for Families, Special Education, Assistive Technology, Health Promotion and Disability Prevention, Disability Resources, Accrediting Organizations, Organizational and Grant Resources, National Disability Organizations, and Disability-Related Products & Services. Published and maintained by the Arc, a national association for people with developmental disabilities and mental retardation. - 27-Feb-2000 - Hits: 1492 - Rate This | Details
    Administration on Aging
    The Elders and Families section of the Administration on Aging website is designed to assist older persons and their caregivers quickly obtain information and resources on a variety of aging-related topics. Topics include:
    • Alzheimer's Resource Room
    • Disaster Assistance
    • Elder Rights & Resources
    • For Caregivers
    • Housing
    • How to Find Help
    • Nutrition
    • Promoting Healthy Lifestyles
    • Services for Seniors
    • Volunteer Opportunities - 28-Nov-2006 - Hits: 613 - Rate This | Details
    Canine Companions for Independence Top Rated
    Canine Companions for Independence provides assistance dogs to people with developmental or physical disabilities who can demonstrate that a Canine Companion will enhance their independence or quality of life. CCI dogs are provided at virtually no cost to the graduates. All the expenses of breeding, raising, and training a Canine Companion is funded through private donations. - 8-Oct-2006 - Hits: 640 - Rate This | Details
    Care Conversations
    Through information and guidance, Care Conversations helps people connect with loved ones, health care providers, and industry professionals. Care Conversations provides insight into the care planning process and firsthand accounts of various care experiences.

    Care Conversations is an initiative led by the American Health Care Association (AHCA), the National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL) and America's Skilled Nursing Caregivers. Together, these trade associations represent more than 11,000 assisted living care, Skilled Nursing Care, and post-acute care facilities across the country. AHCA and NCAL's shared mission is to provide people of all ages and care needs with the highest quality of care combined with the deepest level of compassion. These organizations help families and communities close the gap between home and hospital, life on your own and end of life. Recognizing the vital importance of respect and dignity, AHCA and NCAL are committed to providing quality care and positive quality of life. - 29-Nov-2006 - Hits: 498 - Rate This | Details
    Child and Adolescent Mental Health Top Rated
    A UK child and adolescent mental health (CAMH) resource and discussion forum for parents, young people and professionals. Contains information for young people on bullying, psychosis, depression, substance abuse, ADHD, autism, eating disorders and OCD. This online resource also provides links to relevant books for both young people and professionals. - 13-Oct-2003 - Hits: 1016 - Rate This | Details
    Disability Advisor offers articles and other content related to disability benefits and other issues for individuals those advocating for family or friends with a disability. Jackie Booth, Ph.D. moderates the mental health questions. does not charge for our information and do not solicit their users. - 14-Mar-2017 - Hits: 14 - Rate This | Details
    Disability Care Center
    The Disability Care Center is a national advocate organization that assists Americans in navigating the at times difficult Social Security disability process by providing guidance and resources to help with their disability application or appeals process. - 17-Nov-2015 - Hits: 207 - Rate This | Details
    HEATH Resource Center
    The George Washington University HEATH Resource Center is the national clearinghouse on post-secondary education for individuals with disabilities. Publications include: financial aid for students with disabilities, career planning, distance learning, disclosure issues, fact sheets, and a quarterly newsletter. - 2-Nov-2005 - Hits: 489 - Rate This | Details
    Job Accommodation Network (JAN) Top Rated
    JAN is a free consulting service designed to increase the employability of people with disabilities by: (1) providing individualized worksite accommodations solutions, (2) providing technical assistance regarding the ADA and other disability related legislation, and (3) educating callers about self-employment options. - 2-Nov-2005 - Hits: 472 - Rate This | Details
    MyGrants UK
    MyGrants UK helps promote access to work schemes, small business grants and loans, insulation grants, grants for the elderly, and general disability law and equality resources for those in the United Kingdom. - 9-Jul-2016 - Hits: 92 - Rate This | Details
    National Rehabilitation Information Center (NARIC)
    National Rehabilitation Information Center is a gateway to an abundance of disability- and rehabilitation-oriented information organized in a variety of formats designed to make it easy for users to find and use. This website includes more than 70,000 documents and journal articles. Access resources for employment, advocacy, benefits, financial assistance, education, technology, and more. - 2-Nov-2005 - Hits: 416 - Rate This | Details
    Nonverbal Learning Disorders Association
    Nonverbal Learning Disorder (NLD) is a neurological disorder which originates in the right hemisphere of the brain. Reception of nonverbal or performance-based information governed by this hemisphere is impaired in varying degrees, causing problems with visual-spatial, intuitive, organizational, evaluative, and holistic processing functions. - 25-Dec-2005 - Hits: 438 - Rate This | Details