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    Reachout is a free app available for Android and Apple (iOS) smartphones that offers social support for people suffering from depression. It provides a way for you to conveniently connect and interact with others across the world to discuss your problems, your emotions and your victories in order to obtain the support that you need to overcome your depression. - 3-Apr-2016 - Hits: 123 - Rate This | Details
    Teen Depression Chatzy Therapy
    Chatzy Therapy is an online chat room and support group dedicated to helping teenagers suffering from anxiety and depression to overcome their problems and share their experiences. Offers over thousands of listeners and is active 24/7.
    Requires you to register a free account to access chat features. - 7-Jul-2015 - Hits: 120 - Rate This | Details
    The One Project Top Rated
    The One Project is the photography community for people suffering from depression and anxiety. They teach you how to use therapeutic photography (the healing power of photography) techniques to help you better express, understand and eventually overcome these issues. - 26-May-2016 - Hits: 103 - Rate This | Details
    Treatment Diaries Inc Top Rated
    Treatment Diaries is a unique social network privately connecting individuals affected by any illness through online health related conversations captured in personal diaries. Our model enables us to connect users via a shared experience with illness, while delivering the “right” resources, improving overall health and well-being. Users are complex in their illness related experiences substantiating a platform for all medical conditions. Complete anonymity, total privacy allows users the freedom to share more. - 9-Aug-2012 - Hits: 219 - Rate This | Details