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    Popular! Bipolar Caregivers
    We aim to make a useful, easily accessible information website for caregivers of people with bipolar disorder. On this website you will find how bipolar disorder is treated, managed, and many useful resources for bipolar disorder. There is also information on how a caregiver can help a person with bipolar disorder, and how to help take care of themselves. - 17-Jun-2011 - Hits: 1721 - Rate This | Details
    Popular! Bipolar Hope Top Rated
    Bipolar Hope is a site that combines support, information and encouragement to those diagnosed with bipolar disorder. It offers peer support through message boards and live chat and also includes various links to related topics. - 13-Jun-2003 - Hits: 1253 - Rate This | Details
    Popular! Bipolar Support Friends
    Bipolar Support Friends is a place where you will be treated like a friend, not just another member. This group is about friendship. Please join us to share stories, learn about bipolar, ask questions, vent, and to receive support. This is a group for the people with the idea of democracy -- all members are encouraged to speak their minds openly. All we ask is you treat all members with respect and share support. Anyone that is bipolar and 18 and over is welcome to join. After submitting for membership reply to our pending member email that will be sent to you. - 29-Mar-2004 - Hits: 3022 - Rate This | Details
    Popular! Bipolar support group Top Rated
    This is a support list for individuals who have been diagnosed with an affective disorder. This list also offers support for those significant others who want to learn more about this disorder to better understand the chemical imbalances. It's not fun having this disorder and it's important to find others who can support you when you're struggling with these highs and lows. That's why we're here and we can offer support to each other. For those significant others who seek to understand what it's all about, we want you to know how very difficult these highs and lows can be. Join our group and offer support while you gain some knowledge to help those you love. It's not a fun disorder and it takes a lot of hit and miss meds until the right ones bring the brain's chemistry back into balance. If you seek support or would like to offer support then please join our list. Anyone looking for info for projects, surveys, or is NOT legitmately bipolar or a supporter of one are not welcome. - 11-Jun-2002 - Hits: 4334 - Rate This | Details
    Popular! Bipolar-Working Top Rated
    Working with bipolar or cyclothymia?
    Dealing with discrimination?
    Considering going back to work?
    Want advice, support or information?
    The stress of working can cause added problems when dealing with your disorder - and bipolar can cause added stress at work. Stop in to get support from other working bipolars and to make some new friends. - 23-May-2003 - Hits: 1724 - Rate This | Details
    Popular! BPhoenix1-Kids Top Rated
    Online support group for parents or loved ones of bipolar children of all ages. It is a place to share your concerns or to find the information you need about symptoms, treatments, IEP's and school issues. Other disorders that often accompany bipolar can also be discussed including ADHD, sensory integration dysfunction, anxiety disorders, etc. - 23-May-2003 - Hits: 2573 - Rate This | Details
    Popular! BPrayer Top Rated
    A Christian support and education group for those with bipolar loved ones. You are not alone, your experience not unique -- we invite you to join and discover how to set boundaries, educate yourself and your bipolar loved one(s), and be an advocate for your loved one. - 25-Aug-2004 - Hits: 1414 - Rate This | Details
    Popular! Psych Central's Bipolar Support Group Top Rated
    Psych Central's own online bipolar support group allows you to read other people's experiences with bipolar disorder, and also provide your own (if you'd like). Private and secure, the Psych Central Community is one of the longest-running online mental health communities, since 1999.

    Membership is free and the community is overseen by a team of dedicated individuals that help keep the forums safe and welcoming for all. - 6-Feb-2007 - Hits: 19808 - Rate This | Details
    Popular! The Balanced Mind Parent Network
    CABF is a parent-led, not-for-profit organization of families raising children diagnosed with, or at risk for, early-onset bipolar disorder. We offer directories of professionals, local support groups, on-line parent support groups as well as a Learning Center with full-text medical journal articles and links to science-based information on other sites. - 26-Feb-2001 - Hits: 1971 - Rate This | Details
    Bipolar 4 Life Support Top Rated
    Bipolar Disorder & other Mental Health & Wellness diseases not only affect the individual diagnosed it has a impact on the family as a whole. We welcome here @ Bipolar 4 Life Support family members dealing with their loved ones and support those individual diagnosed at the same time by sharing coping mechanisms, in hope's to learn from each others struggles and possibly be able to lend a hand in helping someone else... Joining something that you can relate to, as me where I finally found a "place" to fit in where people understood me, really empowered me to reach out more and took the focus off of myself as much, and in return I started to feel, and still,much Gratification that my story, and or, struggles just may be for a "reason," to help those struggling like I did, and in reaching out to those whom do not have a voice yet.... - 13-Jun-2012 - Hits: 763 - Rate This | Details
    Bipolar Child Support Top Rated
    Help, support, and resources for parents, caregivers, and teachers of bipolar children at home, school, and in the community. Providing resources on diagnosis, treatment, education, and more. Our primary mission is to help families living with and raising children and teens with bipolar disorder and other related conditions improve their daily lives. Our secondary mission is to help parents, caregivers, teachers, and educators with meeting the unique educational needs of children with bipolar disorder. - 25-Apr-2013 - Hits: 324 - Rate This | Details
    Bipolar Info Yahoo Group Top Rated
    BPhoenix1 is an active online support group with very caring and knowledgeable members. It is run by a woman with Bipolar Disorder who also majored in psychology. Those with cyclothymia and significant others of people with bipolar disorder are welcome there as well. There is also a Web site associated with this group. - 4-May-2002 - Hits: 678 - Rate This | Details
    DBSA Colorado
    The focus of DBSA Colorado is in four areas; (1) development of peer-led support groups in communities where none currently exist, (2) helping existing DBSA chapters in Colorado develop their leadership via training and technical support, (3) advocacy at the state level for expanded and better services for people with serious mental illness in Colorado, and (4) helping people with psychiatric disabilities become economically self-sufficient. DBSA Colorado helps with job links (in Colorado), stigma help, as well as other links that can be used for anyone needing help. - 11-Jul-2010 - Hits: 91 - Rate This | Details