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    The Child Anxiety Network Top Rated
    Provides thorough, user-friendly information for parents, teachers and healthcare professionals who work with children who experience anxiety. Includes a comprehensive list of recommended resources, free newsletter, Relaxation CD for children, and a network of health professionals. - 20-Sep-2003 - Hits: 574 - Rate This | Details
    Will Beswick's awesome site has been awarded ***** (5 stars) by the UK Mental Health Foundation and has also received excellent reviews from The National (UK) Phobics Society, Anxietynomore, The Chipmunka Foundation and NoMorePanic to name but a few! It is a personal case study in recovery from Anxiety/Panic and Obsessiveness -explaining 'how' this is all linked to achieving FLOW. - 11-Jun-2008 - Hits: 858 - Rate This | Details




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