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    Social Anxiety Friends
    A social networking community for people with social anxiety disorder. Social anxiety disorder, also known as social anxiety or social phobia, is a psychological problem whose impact has been seriously studied only since 1980. As psychotherapists come to better understand its causes, symptoms, and effective treatments, they must consider the possibilities of new forms of treatment. The Internet is becoming an ever-larger part of the lives of its users and restructuring society in interesting new ways. As telecommunication, telecommuting, and telemedicine become more widespread, patients and therapists alike must consider the possibilities of the Internet's role in the treatment of social anxiety while keeping in mind the many risks associated with changing the traditional face-to-face client-therapist relationship. - 16-Nov-2007 - Hits: 261 - Rate This | Details
    The Child Anxiety Network Top Rated
    Provides thorough, user-friendly information for parents, teachers and healthcare professionals who work with children who experience anxiety. Includes a comprehensive list of recommended resources, free newsletter, Relaxation CD for children, and a network of health professionals. - 20-Sep-2003 - Hits: 596 - Rate This | Details
    A website and blog devoted to recovery from panic disorder and agoraphobia. Visitors can read and write comments as well as ask questions and get answers about agoraphobia. Site includes articles about brain science and neural renewal, links to studies, and more. - 8-Jan-2015 - Hits: 38 - Rate This | Details