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    Alcohol and Seniors
    This newly developed site focuses on alcohol issues that impact seniors. The health focussed site covers prevention, education, and treatment. It also includes alcohol information specific to older women, such as health concerns, treatment barriers, and alcohol's relationship to caregiving, dementia, and elder abuse. - 26-Feb-2003 - Hits: 673 - Rate This | Details
    American Council on Alcoholism
    American Council on Alcoholism (ACA) is dedicated to educating the public about the effects of alcohol, alcoholism, alcohol abuse, & the need for prompt, effective, readily-available, & affordable alcoholism treatment. Includes a HelpLine and an Online Database of treatment programs and support groups in your area. - 5-Sep-2006 - Hits: 271 - Rate This | Details
    Spiritual River
    Spiritual River is a resource site with information on how to quit drinking with help, how to maintain sobriety, and how to know when to stop drinking alcohol. Included in this website is a 24/7 toll free helpline number, a readers mailbag (where questions are answered), and an overcoming addiction forum. - 15-Aug-2013 - Hits: 81 - Rate This | Details