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    Popular! Confessions of a Serial Insomniac Top Rated
    A survivor of childhood sexual abuse and abandonment candidly discusses her life in therapy for borderline personality disorder and complex PTSD with psychotic and dissociative features, major depression and social anxiety. Searingly honest, tragically witty and with an engaging, intelligent writing style, this is an award-winning and popular blog that anyone with any connection to mental illness should be able to enjoy. - 14-Jun-2010 - Hits: 1115 - Rate This | Details
    Popular! Escaping Hades Top Rated
    Escaping Hades is a rape and sexual abuse survivor's site. This site contains the stories of over 550 survivors of rape, sexual abuse, and incest. It also includes resources to find the help you need.difficult, but we will get there together. - 10-Oct-2006 - Hits: 5375 - Rate This | Details
    Popular! Pandora's Project Top Rated
    Pandora's Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing information, support, and resources to survivors of rape and sexual abuse and their friends and family. We have been devoted to recovery and healing since 1999. - 4-Oct-2006 - Hits: 2190 - Rate This | Details
    Acquaintance Rape: A Matter of Consent by Dr. Amy Menna
    The title of this article is "Acquaintance Rape: A Matter of Consent" by Dr. Amy Menna. Excerpt: Rape. It is a powerful word for a power hungry act. It breeds fear and in many cases, it breeds silence. It is important that this silence be broken, and survivors be heard. By doing so, we break the grasp that rape has upon so many. The aftermath can be immense. The journey to heal may be terrifying; the steps, long and tedious. By building a bridge of awareness and empowerment, woman and men who have experienced rape can be healed and heard - 24-Feb-2010 - Hits: 389 - Rate This | Details
    Male Survivor
    An organization of diverse individuals committed through research, education, advocacy, and activism to the prevention, treatment and elimination of all forms of sexual victimization of boys and men. - 5-Jun-2001 - Hits: 935 - Rate This | Details
    SOAR: Speaking Out About Rape
    SOAR (Speaking Out About Rape) runs national awareness, education and prevention programs to empower survivors of sexual violence and enhance the public's understanding and acceptance of rape victims.

    SOAR provides financial assistance to victims when other funds are not available or don't cover a certain expense (e.g., counseling, transportation, security systems, moving expenses, daily living expenses) and provides survivors and their families and friends with referrals for counseling, medical assistance, victims' rights information, legal assistance, advocacy, etc. - 4-Oct-2006 - Hits: 197 - Rate This | Details
    Take Back the News
    Take Back the News projects include:
    • provides outlets for rape survivors to publish their stories in their own words,
    • tracks and archives media articles about rape on the Web,
    • contacts editors and reporters regarding misrepresented or underrepresented issues of sexual assault in the media, and
    • publishes educational materials to increase public awareness about sexual assault.

    READ stories of rape survival that were not published in mainstream media.

    SUBMIT your own story of surviving rape or sexual assault.

    STAY CURRENT on media misrepresentations of rape. - 4-Oct-2006 - Hits: 195 - Rate This | Details
    The Voices and Faces Project Top Rated
    The Voices and Faces Project is a survivor network giving a voice and face to rape survivors and is largely funded and staffed by survivors who have rejected the shame, invisibility and silence thrust upon them by the broader culture.

    Compiling stories through The Voices and Faces Project permanent archive builds an ever-expanding and first-of-its-kind record of the impact of rape and abuse on individuals, families and communities, providing a valuable resource for advocates, policymakers and all who seek to better understand the long-term impact of rape and abuse. - 4-Oct-2006 - Hits: 185 - Rate This | Details
    Women's Law Top Rated
    The Mission of is to provide easy-to-understand legal information and resources to women living with or escaping domestic violence or sexual assault. The site publishes state-specific legal information for domestic violence. They provide help through email, directly to women and advocates, throughout the U.S. - 3-Jun-2008 - Hits: 767 - Rate This | Details




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