Feeling Connected in Your Relationship?

Use this quiz to help you determine how¬† connected you’re feeling with your partner in your romantic relationship.


Instructions: Choose the answer for each question that best corresponds to the most accurate response for how you’ve acted or feel.


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1. I told my partner that I loved him/her today.

2. I listened to my partner when they needed someone to listen to them in the past week.

3. When my partner asked me to do something this past week, I gladly did it without giving her/him a hard time.

4. My partner and I talked about something important to the both of us in the past week.

5. My partner and I argued about something this past week.

6. What we argued about was very important to the future of our relationship or our lives

7. I feel sexually attracted to my partner.

8. I find myself agitated and annoyed by my partner during the past week.

9. I feel overwhelmed by my partners needs or feelings.

10. I did something nice and unexpected for my partner this past week.

11. My partner did something nice and unexpected for me this past week.

12. I feel like a failure around my partner this past week.

13. I look forward to the future together with my partner.

14. My sleep has been disturbed — too little, too much, or broken sleep.

15. I spent time thinking about what life would be without my partner this past week.

16. I feel trapped or caught in my relationship.

17. I do not feel happy or hopeful even when good things happen to me.

18. I feel very close to my partner.



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