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 Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Happy Thanksgiving to You!
During this joyous time of the season, take a moment to give thanks for what you do have, as I will try and do. Let's not worry tomorrow about all the problems we carry, or all the fears we save, but let us just be for a day, content in a day of peace of gratitude for life, for living, for now.

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 Tuesday, November 26, 2002

What Makes a Web Site Credible?
The Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab recently completed a Web credibility study with Consumer WebWatch, an affiliate of Consumers Union. In this study the researchers asked over 2600 people to evaluate the credibility of two Web sites, selected from a database of 100 sites. They then analyzed the comments people made about each site's credibility and drew conclusions.

The topic most frequently mentioned as affecting credibility was the design look of the site, with over 46a  of the comments addressing this issue. After design look, the next most cited elements that affected credibility
were information structure (28.5%) and information focus (25.1 thing).

To read the Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab's 99-page report, which includes credibility rankings for sites in 10 content categories, go to

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 Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Moving Forward
All too often in our lives, we can get stuck. We are not genuine to ourselves, and instead of turning toward wholeness, caring, and selflessness, we turn the other way. In many ways, I've felt stuck in my life, in many different areas. In the past few weeks, I've begun to find and understand many things that were not clear to me before. When we make a conscious decision, a conscious effort to let go of our negative feelings, of our past wrongs, of stress itself, we can be open to the idea of other things, and the freedom that brings.

For the first time in months, I feel like I understand. I feel as though I am moving forward again, moving toward integrity again. Thank you for bearing with me during these past few months, and as always, for reading.

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 Monday, October 28, 2002

Saving HelpHorizons?
Well, a number of plans are underway to try and bail out HelpHorizons. I put my proposal on the table late last night, so we'll see what comes from it.

If you've been wondering where I've been, between that (this weekend) and busy at work last week, sorry to say I haven't had much time to devote to updating the blog. More soon!

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 Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Out for a couple of days...
My mom and one of my brothers is coming into town tonight, so I'll be offline for most of the next few days while I entertain them in the greater Boston area. This is leaf peeping season up here in New England, so this time of the year couldn't be better to come and see beautiful fall colors!

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Young and depressed
I thought that this Newsweek article was well-written and interesting as a profile of teens who grapple with depression. I don't think it's an "epidemic," as they suggest, but it is a problem that goes largely unaddressed in society today. Medication combined with psychotherapy is a great treatment strategy for most depressed individuals, and teens are no different in this respect.

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Wednesday, October 9, 2002

Media shrinks' quick fixes fail
Steven Berglas makes a pretty valid case in a recent USA Today column against the legitimacy of quick-fix talk shows, the latest success being the Dr. Phil show. This show, a spinoff from psychologist Phil McGraw's appearances on Oprah, has become a ratings hit. Oversimplification to the point of uselessness for those watching these shows might make for compelling TV but will do nothing to help you solve the problems in your own life. As Berglas concludes, "It's fine to love Dr. Phil, but let's just add a small warning label: ''Do not try this on your own.''" Wise words.

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Study Finds Women's Mental Health Benefits Just As Much As Men's In Marriage
The Associated Press reports, "The long-standing feminist tenet that marriage makes men much happier but women more miserable has been dealt a blow by new research that finds wives are no more likely than husbands to suffer emotional problems. The findings, which come from the largest study to investigate the question of who is more afflicted by marriage, are published in the current issue of the Australian journal Family Matters."

I think the conventional wisdom on this one was never true in the first place...

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