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 Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Sorry about the absence of entries
I was hit by a really bad cold virus the week before last, which took a good week to recover from. I'm over it now, but catching up with all the work I missed has left less time than I would've liked for updating the blog and the site. My apologies to all! More soon...

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 Monday, April 28, 2003

The APA and SARS
The American Psychological Association has been put in a bit of a pickle with the SARS virus situation in Toronto. The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued a no-travel advisory for this city, which puts a crimp in APA's plan to have their annual convention there in August. The APA has released this update on the situation. If the WHO advisory remains in effect, I will not be attending APA this year.

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 Friday, April 11, 2003

International conference on trauma, attachment and dissociation
The delphi centre thought that you might be interested to know that this international conference on trauma is scheduled for September 12-14, 2003 in Melbourne, Australia. Worth checking into if you're a professional that regularly deals with trauma, attachment, or dissociative disorders in your practice or research.

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If you're a smoker trying to quit...
Two studies came out this past week which show how it may be harder to quit if you're also suffering from depression, or, not surprisingly, if you're also smoking marijuana.

Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh found that women smokers who experienced an increase in depressive symptoms during smoking-cessation treatment may be more likely to relapse. However, a history of major depressive disorder before treatment was not predictive of failure to quit smoking.

Tobacco smokers who also smoke marijuana may be less likely to quit smoking tobacco and less likely to try to quit than those who do not smoke marijuana, according to this second study by researchers at The Johns Hopkins University.

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Internet weight loss program effective among adults at risk for diabetes
In a 12-month study of an Internet weight loss program, overweight adults at risk for type 2 diabetes lost enough weight to reduce their chances of getting the disease. Those who received regular e-mail counseling from a therapist experienced the greatest success. The study, led by Deborah F. Tate of the Brown Medical School, is in the April 9, 2003, Journal of the American Medical Association. More proof that e-therapy works.

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Living with Schizoaffective Disorder - Part 1
Michael Crawford has a great article over at about living with schizoaffective disorder. Lengthy, but very interesting.

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