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 Tuesday, April 3, 2001

Reducing stress can bring a better night's sleep
'"The most common problem with sleeplessness, or not getting enough sleep at night, is stress," said Dr. Russell Rosenberg, director of Northside Hospital Sleep Medicine Institute in Atlanta. Good ways to manage stress include exercising during the daytime and dealing with problems as they come up rather than internalizing them, Rosenberg said.' Read the full article at

(Posted at 08:52:01 AM EDT.)

 Monday, April 2, 2001

LifeOptions = Re-branded Mental Help Net
This news release will probably only be available for the next 3 weeks or so on PR Newswire, but it explains a partnership between two long-time competitors, CMHC Systems and Creative Socio-Medics, to form some sort of rebranding effort of mainly the Mental Health Net (I thought it was called Mental Help Net now???) content (with some content thrown in for good measure). Who to sell this content to? Well, their own customers of course! Why get content free online when you can rebrand it with a customer's name and logo on it and have them pay a premium for it? (This is the failed's new strategy as well.) Wow. It's a plan, and CMHC believes it will work because they have enough customers clamoring for their own Web sites, but who don't have the technical know-how (or time, or resources) to pull it together. But at what cost? Pricing is in the hundreds per month for the chance to offer this "syndicated" content and Web hosting service.

I think it would be a good deal, except for two things. One, everybody knows that Mental Help Net's content has been getting more and more stale with each passing month, as Web site links go bad, old reviews are never updated, and new entries linger in the database for a long time before ever being added. Two, there's a new movement on the Web typified by the XML-RPC crowd and Microsoft's .NET strategy about Webifying applications and data. I can scrape content off of nearly any site that syndicates it for free already (including sites like the NY Times or the NIH), so I'm not sure why I'd pay for something that I (or one of their customers) can easily get for free.

Oh yeah, that technical know-how, time, resource thing... Well, ya gotta admit, it looks like it has more teeth to it and may get more traction than anything I came up with when I was at the helm of MHN. The parent company's stock of Creative Socio-Medics -- Netsmart Technologies (Nasdaq: NTST) -- didn't budge on the announcement, however, which is never a good sign.

(Posted at 04:50:02 PM EDT.)

 Friday, March 30, 2001

Bye Bye
Rumor has it that, one of HelpHorizons' main competitors, is close to shutting its virtual doors. I've also heard from ex-freelance writers of that they haven't been paid for their past articles. Whatever the case, it doesn't look good for this once high-flying e-therapy company... It apparently tried changing directions a few months ago, appealing more to companies with Epotec-like products, but to no avail. We'll keep our eyes open...

(Posted at 05:22:17 PM EST.)

 Tuesday, March 27, 2001

Survey Finds Direct Link Between Risky Behavior, TV
"Just as MTV said it would censor the new music video by Madonna, a sweeping new survey of research on media violence, sex and risky behavior over the past 10 years concludes that what children watch can directly influence their behavior. The survey by a Johns Hopkins University psychiatrist, published Tuesday, reflects the growing concern of mental-health experts about the impact on youngsters of the sexually suggestive, violent and aggressive content that frequently permeates television today. The classic studies linking TV violence and aggression and youth behavior were done in the 1970s and 1980s, "with material that wasn't very violent" by today's standards, said Dr. Susan Villani."

(Posted at 02:01:48 PM EST.)

Antidepressants Hazardous for Some Mentally Ill
"While newer antidepressants are safer than older drugs, they still not risk-free -- particularly for people that have more complex mental illnesses, Yale University psychiatrists show in a new study. In a study of patients admitted to Yale-New Haven Psychiatric Hospital in Connecticut, 43 out of 533 cases were due to psychosis or mania related to the use of antidepressants. Thirty of these patients, or 70%, were taking selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), including sertraline (Zoloft), paroxetine (Paxil), fluvoxamine (Luvox) and fluoxetine (Prozac)."

(Posted at 02:00:25 PM EST.)

Monday, March 26, 2001

Better Than Being There - New Article on e-Therapy
An article by Michael Freeny was published in the March/April, 2001 edition of the Psychotherapy Networker entitled, Better than Being There. It's a fairly good in-depth look at the emerging world of e-Therapy. The article is available for download in Adobe PDF (Acrobat Reader required).

(Posted at 03:47:35 PM EST.)

Monday, March 19, 2001

October 2000 Harris Poll Results
I wonder how many people missed the Oct. 2000 Harris Poll results (N=1049) which showed that:
  • 98 million American adults have searched for health information online
  • 3 out of every 4 adults that access to the Internet use it to lookup health-related information
  • 1/3 of the public uses the Internet to lookup mental health information
  • Women outnumber men when it comes to doing the searching for health information online (73% versus 65%)
  • There is a huge perception gap between consumers and developers about how secure and private personal health information is online. 58% of the public felt not confident that Web sites are able to maintain their privacy, while 97% of developers are confident in their level of security. Different questions, really.

  • 63% of the public spend between 0 and 7 hours/week on the Internet, excluding email (which seems odd to exclude!)
  • 28% of the public spend between 8 and 21 hours/week on the Internet (3 hours/day)
  • 9% spend more than 21 hours/week online

The full summary or the detailed report (5.7 Mb) can be further viewed.

(Posted at 01:42:06 PM EST.)

Sunday, March 18, 2001

The New Edition of JMIR is Out!
The latest edition of the Journal of Medical Internet Research (Issue 1, Volume 3) is now available and highly recommended. Look there -- Internet prescription of a specific medication is both safe and effective! The only place you'll find such research.

(Posted at 06:01:12 PM EST.)

Saturday, March 17, 2001

Ahh, the Leaner Sends a Thank You
Inside you'll find a letter that was emailed to "Go Guides," the volunteering folks that helped keep the community section running. So nice of them to send us a letter, but where's the check?!? ;-)

(Posted at 07:13:48 AM EST.)

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