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 Tuesday, December 31, 2002

Happy New Year to All!
I also want to add my two wishes for yours and mine as well:

  • That it is peaceful and with less stress than this year
  • That it is fuller with a greater appreciation for life and the potential for happiness and joy

Be safe and take care!

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 Monday, December 30, 2002

Adult influences may predispose teens to smoking
Social influences play a large role in getting teens to start smoking cigarettes, underscoring the need to supplement laws that regulate tobacco purchase with strategies to reduce teens' access through people they know, like parents and other adults, according to a new survey of nearly 500 teens.

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Do the ivory towers need ramps?
"Doctors are among the first to recognize that physical disabilities can occur at any point in an individual's life, but even medical school faculty members facing the onset of such a disability often keep it secret for as long as possible, fearing discrimination from their colleagues and academic officials when it becomes known. That concern underscores the experience and expectations of disabled medical faculty as they persevere in their careers, according to a paper to be published in the December 25 issue of JAMA." The press release is also available, which better describes the article.

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 Friday, December 20, 2002

Teen survey reveals dangerous behavior during holidays
"Results of a new survey released on Wednesday, December 18, 2002 by the New York University Child Study Center show that there is an extraordinary crisis of untreated depression and anxiety among American adolescents, particularly adolescent girls. Among depressed girls, 54% report feeling more depressed and sad during the holiday season, while only 19% of depressed boys indicate that the holiday season negatively affects their mood."

Have you talked to your teen today? Maybe you should think about it...

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Clinicians' personal theories influence diagnoses of mental disorders
"Despite the considerable effort that leaders in the field of clinical psychology have taken to make the diagnosis of mental disorders an "objective" process, the theoretical beliefs of clinicians still appear to play a major role in the process. That is the conclusion of a study published in this month's issue of the Journal of Experimental Psychology, General conducted by Woo-kyoung Ahn, associate professor of psychology at Vanderbilt, and Nancy Kim, visiting faculty at Wesleyan University."

This is why clinicians disagree on fundamentals within the profession, such as simple diagnosis. It is also why we have a long way to go in terms of understanding mental disorders.

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Study Finds that Curiosity Is Key to Personal Growth in Many Spheres, Including Intimate Relationships
"It might have killed the cat but a new study by psychologists at the University at Buffalo suggests that curiosity is very good for people. Their study concludes that the degree to which people are curious actively influences their personal growth opportunities and the level of intimacy that develops when they meet someone new."

I don't think this should really be news to anyone... It's the difference between open-minded and close-minded people.

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 Thursday, December 12, 2002

Is Madison Avenue our New MD?
"The drugs that revolutionized the treatment of depression a decade ago now are increasingly used to treat anxiety disorders. Caused by a deficiency in brain chemistry, the disorders can be remedied by potent mood-altering medications such as Paxil and Effexor.

Just about everyone has experienced situational anxieties -- when personal or professional stress keeps us keyed up and disturbs our sleep -- and it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly when life's mundane worries escalate into a full-blown psychiatric disorder.

Some doctors and psychologists say the broad push to prescribe medications for anxiety is further indication we're medicalizing normal variations in temperament." Read the full article...

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 Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Domestic violence often comes from men who repress emotions, feel threatened, study finds
A new study suggests that the way abusive men try to manage stress in their relationships and other parts of their lives may be associated with their violent outbursts. Results showed abusive men were likely to view stressful circumstances as personally threatening, while trying to avoid the situation or repress emotional responses.

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Team care doubles effectiveness of depression treatment for older adults
A new study shows that a team-care approach more than doubles the effectiveness of depression treatment for older adults in general medical settings. The findings appear in the Dec. 11 edition of the Journal of the American Medical Association. [...] The study (available here) found that the IMPACT care model was significantly more effective than usual care for depression at each of the eight participating study sites. About half of the participants assigned to the IMPACT program reported a 50 percent or greater reduction in depression symptoms at 12 months, compared with 19 percent of those in usual care.

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No Fun for Fido: Holidays can be Hazardous Times for Pets
Christmas may be a time of cheer, but for pets, holidays can mean hazards. Numerous items associated with Christmas can be harmful or fatal to your pet and pet owners should be extra careful this time of year, says Dr. Alice Blue-McLendon of Texas A&M University's College of Veterinary Medicine.

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Internet is not killing communities
The Internet is not isolating people as critics have feared, but it's not transforming communities into global villages either, say U of T researchers. Where Marshall McLuhan saw new communications media as minimizing local boundaries in the "global village," the scholars have found the Internet is being used more for local, not long distance, contact.

"People worldwide have as many face-to-face relationships as they ever had but the good and bad news is they are adding Internet communication on top of that," says sociologist Barry Wellman. "On the positive side, people are in contact with others more often but the downside is they can feel overloaded from too much contact."

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Psychiatric disorders highly prevalent among juvenile jail detainees
Mental health professionals have speculated for years that many adolescents with serious psychiatric disorders are arrested instead of treated. Yet, there have been few studies. Now, a Northwestern University study has found that the majority of boys and girls currently detained in a juvenile facility in the United States have one or more psychiatric disorders.

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 Friday, December 6, 2002

Matter over Mind? A very good question...
This article in the Washington Post discusses the interesting idea of how drugs may help reduce some of the symptoms commonly associated with mental health disorders. These drugs are coming, and may help alleviate some of the worst parts of many disorders, such as PTSD. From the article:

"Imagine that you have arrived at the emergency room after a horrific car crash. The doctor in charge offers you two pills. One will relieve the inflammation of whiplash. The other will reduce the psychological trauma, muting the nightmarish flashback to a manageable memory."

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