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    Life Changes

    I don't join companies lightly, nor do I leave them lightly. A lot of time, thought, and consultation with others goes into every decision I make like this, because they are such big decisions, both professionally and personally.

    Leaving the last company I was with, a similar Internet startup, was an extremely difficult decision. What cinched it for me was the fact that there were specific issues within the company that appeared to me to be unresolvable. You can only bang your head against the corporate wall for so long. If nobody is listening or taking the concerns seriously, it's time to move on.

    I did a fair amount of research into companies I thought I could offer something to and ones which were doing something different and exciting in this area of offering online helping services and e-therapy. was an obvious and easy choice for me. The team that runs the site is genuine, extremely skilled, and are easy people to work with. Their work speaks for itself in terms of how much they've accomplished through the Website in so little time. They are showing up at professional conferences enrolling a wide range of mental health professionals and counselors to use their site to help serve their clients.

    Most important to me, however, is that everyone in the company is on the same page and shares a very similar vision. It's not a radical one, but it is one that is sensical and easy to understand. Use the Internet to help professionals and their clients do better clinical work. Let therapists choose whether they want to use the tools developed for real-world clients or online clients. Give them lots of options to choose from. Back it all up with rock-solid reliability and security from world-class vendors. And hire the best people you can find to keep it all running and in expanding the offerings.

    I just started, so you'll have to give me some time to get familiarized with all of the site's offerings. But if you go to the site and have any suggestions for me about it, please feel free to drop me a line.

    In another month, I'll be moving from Austin, TX to Boston, MA to physically be with the company; for the time being I'll continue working virtually from home. I'm excited about the move, the possibilities, and the future of this new opportunity. As usual, my job does not directly affect anything I do at Psych Central or, so all things remain as they are around this place. (For my own sanity and stability, I always keep Psych Central separate from my full-time work.)

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