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    Henry Saeman, a pioneer in psychology, passed away

    This comes from Garland DeNelsky and given Henry's impact in the world of psychology (I met him back in the mid-1990's and had a professional relationship with him and his son for nearly 4 years), I thought it appropriate to share...

    I am very sad to have to pass on this news: Henry Saeman passed away yesterday (May 12, 2003). As many of you know, he was Ohio Psychological Association's (OPA) first executive director, a post he held from 1973 until 1991. After he left OPA he founded the National Psychologist [a newspaper devoted to news relevant to therapists in the profession].

    For the last half-dozen years, Henry suffered from a rare blood disease. He was doing relatively well until a couple of weeks ago when he developed severe pain in both legs, reportedly caused by a neuropathy (related to his blood disease). He was hospitalized last week to help treat the pain; while there he developed pneumonia which seems to have been the actual cause of his death.

    Henry became the first full-time paid executive officer of any state association anywhere. His hiring set a precedent which is still shaping the direction of psychology in the state (and provincial) associations throughout the United States and Canada. Basically, his hiring started psychology associations down the road of hiring professional staff -- not relying solely on energetic volunteers -- to represent and promote the vital interests of the vigorous, growing field of psychology. Other state associations followed Ohio's lead.

    People throughout the land began to recognize Henry as someone exceptional. He was recognized in Columbus as one of the premier lobbyists in Ohio. He was recognized by Division 31 of the American Psychological Association when he received their first-ever award as Outstanding Executive Director. He was recognized by OPA when he became the first non-psychologist to receive OPA's Distinguished Service Award. And he was recognized by psychologists around the country as he turned the Ohio Psychologist into a newspaper that told folks what was really happening in psychology -- not just here in Ohio but everywhere. The Ohio Psychologist set the stage for his formal foray into national reporting with the National Psychologist, which Henry, his wife Mitzi, and his son Marty have developed into the finest psychology newspaper anywhere.

    Last year he was recognized nationally when he was inducted into the Psychology Academy of the National Academies of Practice, the first non-psychologist ever elected to this select group.

    Most of all, Henry was a very special person who quietly reached out to help the poor, the underprivileged, and anyone in need. Many knew him for his cost consciousness, which was real. Even more real was his generosity and caring.

    He was a fine human being, who will be missed my many.

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