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    Ahh, the Leaner Sends a Thank You

    Dear GO Guides:

    As you know, over the past month has been in a transition stage.'s owner, the Walt Disney Internet Group, has explored various options to sell all or part of assets, including the search and directory function. We have endeavored to include transferring the relationship with the GO Guides community as part of this effort - we continue to view the GO Guides as one of the site's most valuable assets.

    While we have been successful in partnering with GoTo for all future search queries from users who come to, the GO Guides community is not a part of this relationship. Regrettably, the GO Guides community has been disbanded, effective this month. management is grateful for the many contributions of the GO Guides. Over the last 18 months, many of you have taken part in one of the most unique experiences and online phenomena ever existing on the Web.

    We send our heartfelt thanks for your efforts, and wish you well.

    Regards, Administration

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