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Half of U.S. Kids Face Harmful Events That Can Impact Health, School

December 9th, 2014
Nearly half of all children in the United States experience an adverse event during childhood that could lead to long-term health or educational consequences, according to new research. Researchers from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health say the experiences -- including ...

On-Line Intervention Reduces Suicide Risk in Veterans

December 5th, 2014
A new study suggests a brief online intervention may help veterans reduce the risk of suicide. In their research, psychologist from Florida State University developed a simple computer-based approach to treating anxiety sensitivity. They believe the software may provide significant benefit for veterans ...

Omega 3/6 Lessens Symptoms of Inattentive ADHD Subtype

December 3rd, 2014
Many children and teens who have the inattentive subtype of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) experience significant improvements after taking the fatty acid supplements omega 3 and 6 for several months, according to a dissertation at Sweden's Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg. The findings ...

Group Mindfulness Treatment Found As Effective as CBT

November 29th, 2014
A new study has found that group mindfulness treatment is as effective as individual cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) in patients with depression and anxiety. The study was conducted at 16 primary health care centers in Skåne, a county in southern Sweden. Researchers from ...

Gambling Issues Often Linked to Personality Disorders

November 26th, 2014
A new review suggest that individuals receiving treatment for gambling problems should also be screened for personality disorders. The recommendation comes after researchers from Monash University in Australia discovered treatment for gambling problems is often complicated because an individual may also suffer from ...

Psychotherapy Cuts Suicide Risk by 26 Percent

November 24th, 2014
Psychotherapy Drops Suicide Risk by 26%How do you help someone who is struggling with thoughts of suicide? Suggest they talk to a therapist. A new study out of the University of Copenhagen and Johns Hopkins Bloomberg ...

Suicide Risk Plummets After Talk Therapy

November 23rd, 2014
Repeated suicide attempts and deaths by suicide were about 25 percent lower among a group of Danish people who participated in voluntary talk therapy after a suicide attempt, according to a new study. The study is believed to be the first to show ...

Mindfulness + Cognitive Therapy = Less Prenatal Depression Risk

November 20th, 2014
Mindfulness techniques combined with cognitive therapy have been shown to reduce the risk of depression relapse among pregnant women. Mindfulness approaches include meditation, breathing exercises, and yoga while cognitive therapy challenges and alters maladaptive thoughts and feelings. University of Colorado, Boulder researchers found pregnant ...

Good News for Those with Social Anxiety Disorder

November 14th, 2014
New research suggests people with social anxiety disorder have an unfounded opinion that their friendships are shallow. Although it may be extremely difficult for people with social anxiety disorder to make friends, the belief that the friendship are not of the highest ...

Are Community Mental Providers Ready for Military Veterans?

November 14th, 2014
A new RAND Corporation study finds that most community-based mental health providers are not well prepared to take care of the special needs of military veterans and their families. The report was commissioned by United Health Foundation in collaboration with the Military Officers ...
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