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Young Adults Prefer Shared Work-Family Life

January 21st, 2015
It appears that 21st century young adults desire a life in which work and family responsibilities are shared equally between partners. Thus, if the circumstances permit, women want to work and raise a family. The desire for an egalitarian relationship was discovered in ...

Co-Parent Training Helps Kids Adjust to School

January 20th, 2015
New research finds that a prenatal program aimed at enhancing couples' co-parenting relationship helped the parents raise children who were better adjusted and ready for school at age seven. Pennsylvania State researchers found that teachers reported significantly better adjustment and positive school engagement ...

Loving Pet Owners Score High in Neuroticism

January 19th, 2015
A new study shows that the most affectionate pet owners also rate the highest in traits of neuroticism and conscientiousness, suggesting that the qualities that make for overbearing parents might actually work for pets, who tend to require lifelong parenting. While prior research ...

Subtypes of Postpartum Depression Require Specific Care

January 16th, 2015
A new study finds that postpartum depression is a disorder that actually includes three distinct subtypes of clinical presentation. Subtypes classification is determined by timing of symptom onset, severity of symptoms, history of mood disorders, and medical complication during pregnancy. Saliently, each subtype of ...

Difficult Kids May Have Challenges Later in Life

January 16th, 2015
The belief that a child will outgrow a tendency to display disruptive behavior may be the wrong tactic for a parent. While it is normal for a young child to have tantrums and be otherwise disruptive, researchers have found that ...

Positive Childhood Experiences Tied to Healthy Adult Heart

January 15th, 2015
Positive psychosocial experiences during childhood are linked to better cardiovascular health in adulthood, according to new research published in the American Heart Association’s journal Circulation. In fact, those with the most psychosocial advantages scored higher on an ideal cardiovascular health index in ...

Specialized Approach Aids Early Education of Disruptive Children

January 13th, 2015
A new study finds a tailored educational program can improve the kindergartner and first grade experience of children displaying disruptive behaviors. Researchers explain that children with high maintenance temperaments have fewer opportunities to learn in school than their focused peers, and are at ...

Brief Pediatric Exams May Not Detect Autism

January 13th, 2015
For many physicians, the economic demands of managed care necessitate a greater volume of medical visits with each visit of limited duration. A new study in the peer-reviewed journal Pediatrics shows that medical professionals cannot rely solely on their clinical judgment to detect ...

Circumcision Linked to Increased Risk of Autism

January 10th, 2015
New research has found that circumcised boys are more likely than intact boys to develop autism spectrum disorder (ASD) before the age of 10. The risk is particularly high for infantile autism before the age of five, according to researchers in Copenhagen. The study, ...

Racial Discriminaton During Pregnancy Harms Baby

January 10th, 2015
Women who experience racial discrimination during pregnancy are likely to suffer significant health effects that will negatively impact their infants, according to new research from by the University of Colorado, Denver. The study, published in the journal Social Science & Medicine, may be the ...

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