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Frequent Marijuana Use Bad for Teens’ Brains

August 10th, 2014
Smoking marijuana just once a week can have a “significant” negative effect on the brains of teenagers and young adults, including cognitive decline, poor attention and memory, and decreased IQ, according to psychologists discussing the health implications of legalizing marijuana at the ...

Music Training Can Strengthen Kids’ Learning Ability

August 10th, 2014
New research shows that musical training can help offset some academic achievement gaps for disadvantaged kids. The study, which involved hundreds of disadvantaged kids in musical training programs in public schools in Los Angeles and Chicago, spotlights how learning to play a musical ...

‘Just-Enough’ Gaming Linked to Well-Adjusted Kids

August 9th, 2014
Could a video game a day keep the doctor away? New research from Oxford University shows that kids who engage in less than an hour of video game playing each day are better adjusted and have fewer conduct problems than those who ...

Teen Aggression Linked to Drinking

August 7th, 2014
A new Finnish study discovers that aggressive adolescents are more likely to drink, and drink more, than their peers. Researchers also found, surprisingly, that depression and anxiety were not linked to increased alcohol use. Investigators explored the relationship between psychosocial problems and alcohol use ...

Marital Strife Interferes with Parent-Child Bond

August 6th, 2014
New research finds that marital tension between mom and dad can harm each parent’s bond with their children. Southern Methodist University (SMU) researchers discovered dads, in particular, let conflict adversely impact relationships with children, while moms compartmentalize marital conflict after first day. Investigators found ...

Mouse Study Finds Prenatal Stress Increases Asthma Risk in Child

August 4th, 2014
Expectant mothers are advised to do everything possible to keep their stress low during pregnancy. The recommendation is sound as research has shown that maternal stress is linked to a number of negative outcomes for women and their infants -- including developmental and ...

Math Difficulties in Preterm Children Linked to Overall IQ

August 2nd, 2014
A new study refutes the long-held notion that children who are born prematurely are going to suffer from dyscalculia (poor math performance in spite of normal IQ). "Instead," says a researcher from Ruhr-Universitaet-Bochum (RUB), "math problems in preterm children are overwhelmingly related ...

Kids With Jailed Family Member at Greater Risk for Poor Health as Adults

August 2nd, 2014
New research has found that people who grew up in a household where a member was incarcerated have an 18 percent greater risk of experiencing poor health as adults. The study, from researchers at Brown University, suggests that the nation’s high rate of ...

Liberal or Conservative: Is It in Your DNA?

August 2nd, 2014
Do people make a conscious choice to be Republican or Democrat? Or is it a matter of how they were raised? New research says no -- conscious decision-making and parental upbringing do not fully explain why some people lean left, while others lean ...

Preschool Depression May Continue for a Decade

July 31st, 2014
New research discovers early childhood depression increases the risk that a child will be depressed throughout their formative school years. Washington University researchers discovered children who had depression as preschoolers were 2.5 times more likely to suffer from the condition in elementary and ...
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