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Can Reading Fiction Improve Empathy?

August 12th, 2014
An emerging theory suggests exposure to narrative fiction can improve an individual’s ability to understand what other people are thinking or feeling. Dr. Raymond Mar, a psychologist at York University in Canada, said, "we understand stories using basic cognitive functions, and there is ...

Less Materialism May Be Good for Consumers And Environment

August 11th, 2014
Research in positive psychology, or the study of happiness, well-being, and quality of life, suggests that the pursuit of true happiness can lead people to lifestyles that will not only be more satisfying but better for the environment as well. "For decades, consumerism has been ...

Student Mindset Can Enhance Learning

August 11th, 2014
Emerging research suggests a student’s mental framework influences their recall of material. Investigators discovered material was better retained if a student understood that they would be expected to teach the material. "When compared to learners expecting a test, learners expecting to teach recalled more ...

Work Stress Can Hike Diabetes Risk by Nearly Half

August 11th, 2014
Experts say that now more than ever before, job stress poses a threat to the health of workers. Although work-related stress has been known to increase risk of cardiovascular disease, the far-reaching effects of stress are still being uncovered as a new population-based ...

1 in 10 Cancer Survivors Still Smoke

August 10th, 2014
Approximately one in 10 cancer survivors will continue smoking after their diagnosis, according to new research by the American Cancer Society. The findings reveal that cigarette smoking can thwart cancer treatments, lower patient survival rates, and increase the risk of having a relapse. ...

Depression, Cognitive Ills After 65 Tied to Faster Brain Aging

August 10th, 2014
People who develop depression and mild cognitive impairment (MCI) after age 65 are more vulnerable to accelerated brain aging, according to a new study. Older adults with major depression have double the risk of developing dementia compared with those who have never had ...

Frequent Marijuana Use Bad for Teens’ Brains

August 10th, 2014
Smoking marijuana just once a week can have a “significant” negative effect on the brains of teenagers and young adults, including cognitive decline, poor attention and memory, and decreased IQ, according to psychologists discussing the health implications of legalizing marijuana at the ...

Music Training Can Strengthen Kids’ Learning Ability

August 10th, 2014
New research shows that musical training can help offset some academic achievement gaps for disadvantaged kids. The study, which involved hundreds of disadvantaged kids in musical training programs in public schools in Los Angeles and Chicago, spotlights how learning to play a musical ...

Natural Light in Workplace Boosts Quality of Life

August 9th, 2014
Employees with more exposure to natural light at the office sleep longer, have higher quality sleep, are more physically active, and have a better quality of life, according to new research. The study highlights the importance of natural light to employee health, according ...

Accurate Self-Perception Vital for Healthy Weight in Teens

August 9th, 2014
Kids who recognize they are overweight are more likely to attempt weight loss, according to a new study by the University of Massachusetts Medical School. But many are likely to underestimate their weight problem, say the researchers. The findings, published in the journal ...
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