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New Software Profiles Mindset of Military, Political Leaders

September 3rd, 2014
Many psychologists develop personality profiles to aid in job placement, online dating, and assessing criminal background. Now, a new computer program aims to classify the personality of military leaders, friend and foe alike. Researchers at Ben-Gurion University (BGU) of the Negev will discuss the ...

Comparing Adverse Effects of Marijuana, Alcohol

September 3rd, 2014
The emerging debate about whether marijuana is "safer" than other substances has led to a new study documenting how alcohol and marijuana use impacts the psychosocial well-being of high school seniors. Researchers affiliated with New York University published the study online ahead of ...

Ethnic Stereotypes Can Undermine Healthy Weight

August 26th, 2014
Maintaining an appropriate body weight can be difficult for many Americans. A new study suggests it can be more difficult among minority groups because of negative stereotypes. Dr. Luis Rivera, an experimental social psychologist at Rutgers University-Newark, believes stereotyping can prevent people from ...

Weight Management Program Also Reduces Depression

July 19th, 2014
A program aimed at helping obese women maintain their weight also significantly reduced depression in nearly half the women, according to a new study from Duke University. The study was conducted with 185 low-income black women between the ages of 25 and 44, ...

Melancholy Danes? Not So Much, And Genetics May Show Why

July 19th, 2014
Genetics could be the reason why Denmark tops the world in happiness, according to research from the University of Warwick. Economists at the university have been investigating why certain countries rank so high in happiness levels. In particular, they discovered that the closer ...

Mediterranean Diet has Race-Specific Effect on Cognition

July 17th, 2014
New research suggests the Mediterranean diet reduces cognitive decline among some race-specific populations but not among others. In the study, African-Americans experienced a slower rate of cognitive decline than white, older adults. Study methodology included the analysis of over eight years of data collected ...

New Health Ed Program Reduces Dating Violence

July 11th, 2014
A new health education program significantly reduces dating violence behaviors among high school youth. Researchers from The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston have shown that the “It's Your Game…Keep it Real (IYG)” intervention is particularly effective in reducing dating violence ...

One in Six Teens Who Visit ER Suffer Dating Violence

July 5th, 2014
A new study finds that of adolescents visiting a hospital’s emergency department for any reason, one in five girls and one in eight boys reported dating violence in the past year. Published in the Annals of Emergency Medicine, the study also found that dating ...

Many Teens Get Lots of Pot Tweets

June 30th, 2014
It appears that many teens are being bombarded with tweets encouraging marijuana use. A new study discovered that during an eight-month period in 2013, a marijuana-related Twitter account sent out more than 2,200 messages to some one million followers, 73 percent of whom ...

Mother’s Birthplace a Risk Factor for Autism

June 28th, 2014
The place where a woman was born and raised can be a risk factor for autism in her children, according to a new study published in the journal Pediatrics. In the U.S., children of foreign-born women tend to have a higher risk for ...
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