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Walking or Cycling to Work Boosts Mental Well-Being

September 14th, 2014
Walking or cycling to work is better for people's mental health than driving to work, according to a new study. Research by health economists at the University of East Anglia (UEA) and the Centre for Diet and Activity Research (CEDAR) in the United ...

Why Parents Shouldn’t Play Favorites

September 13th, 2014
New research from Brigham Young University shows that perceived preferential treatment of one child by parents can lead to alcohol, cigarette, and drug use by the less-favored children. That’s in families that aren’t very close to each other -- what researcher Alex Jensen, ...

Happy Wife, Happy Life

September 13th, 2014
A new study finds that for older adults, the more content the wife is with her marriage, the happier the husband is with his life -- no matter how he feels about their relationship. “I think it comes down to the fact that ...

Collective Pain Can Have a Benefit

September 12th, 2014
The anniversary of 9/11 reminds us that even the most horrific circumstances can have a positive effect, in some cases by bringing together a community, a city, or an entire nation. New research suggests that, despite its unpleasantness, pain may actually have positive social ...

Stress Can Hasten Death in Older Men

September 11th, 2014
New research suggests that high stress is associated with an earlier death than average for older men. Investigators determined the stress could come from chronic everyday hassles or a series of significant life events. “We’re looking at long-term patterns of stress -- if your stress ...

Bullying Methods Change as Students Age

September 11th, 2014
New research suggests the way students are bullied changes as students’ age with verbal and physical bullying decreasing and cyberbullying increasing. Investigators also discovered non-native English speakers are not bullied more often than native English speakers and bullying increases as students transition from ...

Depression Best Managed by Staying On Job

September 11th, 2014
When depressed, going to work has more therapeutic value than staying home and taking sick leave. The findings stem from an Australian study that found attending work while suffering a depressive illness could help employees better manage their depression more than taking a ...

Social Support, Positive Mindset Critical for Diabetics

September 10th, 2014
New research suggests people living with diabetes experience distinct emotional, psychological, and social challenges --issues that are often overshadowed by attention to medical concerns. Although diabetes is a disease that affects someone for a lifetime, researchers from Penn State College of Medicine discovered ...

Desire for Connection Fuels Ties with Inanimate Objects

September 9th, 2014
New research suggests that feeling socially disconnected is often associated with modern relationships with pets, online avatars, and even pieces of technology, such as computers, robots, and cell phones. Experts believe the void in social connections may lead us to lower our threshold ...

Little Seminary Training to Counsel Mental Illness

September 9th, 2014
Clergy is often the first line of support for people struggling with mental illness. But new research finds that seminaries do very little to train ministers on how to recognize serious psychological distress and when to refer someone to a doctor or ...
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