Alzheimer’s News

Motivated Older Adults Able to Stay on Task

July 29th, 2014
An emerging theory may help to explain why older adults show declining cognitive ability with age, but don’t necessarily show declines in the workplace or daily life. Dr. Tom Hess, a psychology researcher at North Carolina State University believes older adults are good ...

Slow Walking Speed and Memory Complaints Early Predictors of Dementia

July 27th, 2014
A simple test that measures how fast people walk and whether they have any cognitive complaints can predict the likelihood of developing dementia, according to a new study. The study, involving about 27,000 older adults on five continents, found that nearly one in ...

Mice Study Suggests Cancer Drug May Reduce Alzheimer’s Risk

July 24th, 2014
A new study suggests a new set of compounds initially developed for cancer treatments, show potential as a pharmacological treatment for Alzheimer’s disease. Currently, more than five million Americans are diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and officials worry that as baby boomers enter ...

Alzheimer’s Delayed by Caffeine?

July 22nd, 2014
Caffeine appears to have a positive effect on so-called "tau deposits" in Alzheimer's disease, scientists have found. Tau deposits are proteins that, together with beta-amyloid plaques, are some of the characteristic features of Alzheimer's disease. These deposits interfere with the communication of nerve ...

Retina Screening May Detect Alzheimer’s

July 14th, 2014
Preliminary findings suggest noninvasive optical imaging can provide early detection of changes associated with Alzheimer’s disease. The discovery was made by investigators conducting a clinical trial in Australia and will be reported at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark. "In preliminary ...

Eye, Smell Tests Could Help Detect Alzheimer’s Earlier

July 13th, 2014
A decreased ability to identify odors, as well as eye examinations, could help diagnose Alzheimer’s disease earlier, according to the results of four research trials reported at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference 2014 in Copenhagen. In two of the studies, less ability to identify ...

Dead Ends in Alzheimer’s Research Expose Need for New Drug Studies

July 7th, 2014
A review of existing research for pharmacological answers to Alzheimer’s disease (AD) catalogs a litany of failures and calls for an aggressive re-dedication to increase the AD drug development pipeline. The first of its kind research study is published in the journal Alzheimer's Research & Therapy. "Our ...

How We Use Our Brain’s GPS To Navigate

June 8th, 2014
How We Use Our Brain’s GPS To NavigateThe way we navigate from Point A to Point B is controlled by two different brain regions, according to new research. A new study found that at the beginning ...

Depression, Health Factors Can Hamper Memory — At Any Age

June 5th, 2014
Depression, Health Factors Can Hamper Memory -- At Any AgeResearchers have discovered that depression, inadequate exercise, or high blood pressure can lead individuals of all ages to experience memory problems. For the study, University of ...

New Test Differentiates Alzheimer’s, Normal Aging

May 21st, 2014
New Test Differentiates Between Alzheimer’s and Normal Aging A new research study suggests a new cognitive test can determine whether memory impairment is due to very mild Alzheimer's disease or the normal aging process. Memory impairments ...
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