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Workplace Double Standard on Social Media

July 1st, 2014
A new study finds that while managers have a negative view of employee use of social media for private purposes during work, top executives frequently surf the web during work hours. Experts say that every day, more than one billion people worldwide use ...

Teen Sexting Associated with Sexual Behavior

July 1st, 2014
A new study illuminates the relationship between "sexting" and sexual behavior in early adolescence. University of Southern California researchers believe the findings can inform the ongoing national conversation about whether sexually explicit text messaging is a risk behavior or just a technologically-enabled extension ...

Many Teens Get Lots of Pot Tweets

June 30th, 2014
It appears that many teens are being bombarded with tweets encouraging marijuana use. A new study discovered that during an eight-month period in 2013, a marijuana-related Twitter account sent out more than 2,200 messages to some one million followers, 73 percent of whom ...

Atrocious Video Game Behavior Can Boost Moral Sensitivity

June 30th, 2014
A new study suggests wicked video game behavior can, paradoxically, lead to players’ increased sensitivity toward the moral codes they violated. “Rather than leading players to become less moral,” said Matthew Grizzard, Ph.D., an assistant professor in the University at Buffalo Department of ...

New App Helps People Get Up, Stand Up for Fitness

June 30th, 2014
A new smartphone-based intervention may produce short-term reductions in sedentary behavior that can help to improve health. Researchers from Miriam Hospital, affiliated with the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University, developed a smartphone-based intervention, or smartphone app, to reduce the amount of time obese ...

‘Ringing in the Ears’ Alters Processing of Emotion

June 27th, 2014
More than 50 million Americans suffer from tinnitus, a condition that causes individuals to hear noises that are not really there. Sounds like whooshing, train whistles, cricket noises, or whines may be heard with the severity often varying on a day to day basis. Research ...

More Benefits Found In Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinson’s

June 26th, 2014
While it is well-recognized that deep brain stimulation (DBS) improves motor symptoms of patients with early and advanced Parkinson's disease (PD), new research finds that DBS also reduces the number and severity of non motor symptoms. "Non-motor features are common in PD patients, ...

Digital Outreach May Slow Incidence of HIV

June 25th, 2014
Traditionally, communication of HIV prevention strategies has been delivered to young men in a face-to-face format. New research suggests digital outreach efforts delivered via text messages, interactive games, chat rooms, and social networks may be a more effective way to reach at-risk younger ...

For Safe and Secure Passwords, Facing the Familiar

June 25th, 2014
Forgotten passwords are a big problem for both IT managers and users. Effective passwords must blend memorability and security: Simple passwords are easy to remember but easy to crack, while complex passwords are hard to crack but hard to remember. While biometric solutions including ...

Puzzle Video Games Can Improve Aspects of Cognition

June 25th, 2014
The ability of video games to improve mental fitness has been the subject of considerable debate. A new study suggests playing a specific puzzle-oriented game can improve mental flexibility. Scientists from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore discovered that adults who played the ...
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