5th European Breast Cancer Conference (EBCC)

Come along to the largest meeting of breast cancer specialists in Europe - the only one of its kind to include advocacy groups. Together we will make the difference!

Why you don't want to miss it…

  • European scientists are leading the way in breast cancer research - discovering new therapies, diagnostics and surgical techniques which are helping save the lives of millions of women
  • Breast cancer, however, is not just a physical disease as it can produce profound psychological distress, not only in the patient but also in his or her immediate family and friends
  • Three of Europe's leading cancer organisations are collaborating to host the event:
       o European Organisation for the Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC)
       o The European Breast Cancer Coalition (EUROPA DONNA)
       o European Society of Mastology (EUSOMA)
  • Over four thousand scientists, doctors, nurses and patients will be exchanging the latest cutting edge results from research in science, psychological care, diagnosis and treatment
  • Recent leads on possible causes of breast cancer will be presented along with updates on genetics, proteomics and tumour imaging
  • Nearly all the data at the four-day conference is as yet unpublished and being presented for the first time
  • Daily press conferences will be taking place, featuring breaking news and every scientific session is open to journalists, plus there will be a fully equipped media centre

Don't miss out!


For media registration, please visit www.fecs.be and click through to 'EBCC 5'

For further information please contact:
Stéphanie Makin (Tonic Life Communications) on tel: 44-207-798-9905 or e-mail: stephanie.makin@toniclc.com

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