Nerac delivers new research solution


Nerac 180 offers best of both worlds: Online searching and advanced analytical research for engineers and small to medium enterprises

Tolland, CT -- November 28, 2005. Nerac, Inc., a leader in technology information research, announces the launch of Nerac 180, a new hybrid search offering for engineers. Nerac 180 is a powerful engineering research tool combining end-user search technology with integrated access to the research expertise of Nerac analysts.

Nerac 180 features an easy-to-use interface, which provides access to database content comprised of abstracted references to thousands of selected engineering publications and conference proceedings. Nerac 180 offers the unique integration of the hands-on assistance of Nerac's research staff with end-user focused web search tools. The Nerac 180 database includes a broad range of engineering content relevant to workers in industry, including fields such as aerospace, automotive, bioengineering, chemical, electrical, fuel, nuclear and optics.

"Through Nerac 180, engineering teams in small to medium sized enterprises will have the best of both worlds – access to premier published technical information and research assistance from a professional staff. It's the first time in our history that we have turned our service around 180 degrees to offer self-search capabilities that complement the research of our scientists and engineers," said Nerac's CEO Kevin Bouley.

The technology powering Nerac 180 was custom developed by Elsevier Engineering Information (Ei). Ei has been providing end user focused web solutions for engineering research since 1995 and is the publisher of Compendex® database and Engineering Village 2TM web discovery platform.

"The idea of working with Nerac on a web research tool to enable independent-minded engineers to begin their own research process, while still offering access to expert researchers was immediately appealing to us," said Colby Ellis, President, Elsevier Engineering Information. "Over the years, Ei has built significant expertise in developing engineering content and combining that with web search technology. We continue to look for new ways to serve the needs of engineering researchers and felt that our technology, experience and know-how were a perfect fit for powering an innovative project like Nerac 180."

Researchers begin by querying Nerac 180 for literature related to their topic and the system returns lists of highly relevant results. When a project requires more extensive research, subscribers submit queries through "Ask Nerac," a designated avenue for collaborating with veteran researchers. Queries can include on-demand research questions (delivered through a Nerac Research Report) or a request to monitor information published in the forthcoming year (provided as a Nerac Tech Track). To fulfill on-demand research questions, Nerac's research staff provides an analysis of findings from various scientific, technical and patent resources.

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