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Introducing prior-art searching to students and young researchers at the University of Oxford

The European Patent Office has announced the outcome of the first epolineŽ and esp@cenetŽ workshops on prior-art search which took place at the University of Oxford in October 2005, giving students and young researchers a valuable insight into the use of online search tools to determine the state of the art in their particular field.

This pilot project introduced the students to epolineŽ Register Plus and WebRegMT by way of a presentation and live demonstrations, and familiarised them with basic search and monitoring options.

epolineŽ Register Plus gives access to bibliographic, procedural and legal status data on European patent applications. It also enables users to view the original published patent files online.

epolineŽ WebRegMT is the EPO's free Web Register Monitoring Tool. It can be used to monitor European Patent Register data and, if required, to receive e-mail alerts on any new developments in the European patent grant procedure for up to 250 cases.

The final, hands-on part of the workshops gave students the opportunity to try out the electronic services themselves and learn how to retrieve the desired documents quickly and easily.

To follow-up on the workshops, the participants were also introduced to Register Plus e-learning, available at www.epoline.org under "Tutorials".

The feedback given at the end of these workshops has encouraged epolineŽ to look at extending the pilot to a larger project in European universities next year.

Source: Eurekalert & others

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