Ageing Britain: Shades of grey


By 2025 the number of people in Britain over 60 will out number those under 25. The Ageing Britain debate will explore the challenges that this poses for our society:

  • Is it too late to head off a pension crisis?
  • How deeply ingrained is age discrimination in our society?
  • Can society better tap into the resources of experience and knowledge that older people offer?
  • Is there adequate and appropriate care for the elderly?
  • How can we ensure compassion in end of life care and dignity in death?

Chaired by Malcolm Dean, Assistant Editor and Social Affairs Leader Writer, The Guardian, this highly relevant debate will begin at 6:30pm and will be followed by a drinks reception.

The panel of speakers has been selected to represent a wide spectrum of views and includes:

  • Professor Alan Walker, Director, New Dynamics of Ageing Programme
  • Mervyn Cohler, Head of Public Affairs, Help the Aged
  • Baroness Sally Greengross, Chief Executive, The International Longevity Centre UK and Chair, The Experience Corps
  • Tim Bull, Group Strategic Planning Director, Saga Group

Following a Question Time format the event will allow dynamic discussion across the broad array of issues and views connected with the Ageing Britain debate.

The debate takes place at Local Government House, London on 22nd November starting at 6:30pm

The ESRC will be running two further debates on ageing. One will be in Cardiff on Tuesday 29th November and the other will be held in Glasgow on 6th December.

Source: Eurekalert & others

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