Society of Nuclear Medicine announces collaborative working agreement with Bio-Imaging Technologies


Joint effort will establish multicenter clinical trial capabilities and educational programs

RESTON, Va.--The Society of Nuclear Medicine has established a collaborative working agreement with Bio-Imaging Technologies Inc., the world's largest independent, dedicated provider of medical image management for clinical trials. Together, SNM and Bio-Imaging will work in establishing multicenter clinical trial capabilities and educational programs.

"Over the last few years the society recognized the need to have nuclear medicine--and in particular PET imaging--used in more clinical trials. We have also recognized the need to help further this technology for drug development," said SNM President Peter S. Conti, M.D., Ph.D. "As we developed this concept, we looked for an experienced imaging core lab to help support our endeavors and to collaborate in this process. Bio-Imaging has a reputation of operational and scientific experience, and we are pleased to invite them to work with the Society of Nuclear Medicine," added Conti, a professor of radiology, clinical pharmacy and biomedical engineering at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles.

"This important collaboration will help the continued success of nuclear medicine in clinical practice, in drug development and in the emerging molecular imaging field," agreed SNM Vice President-Elect Alexander J. McEwan, M.D., chair of the society's Molecular Imaging and Radionuclide Therapy Trials.

Mark L. Weinstein, president and chief executive officer of Bio-Imaging, noted, "We are very pleased that SNM has chosen to partner with us. We have appreciated the role of nuclear medicine imaging in the drug and medical device development process for some time, and this will allow us to become more involved in an area that is growing and developing rapidly."

"We believe nuclear medicine utilization will continue to grow and become more acceptable to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for assessing the efficacy and safety of new drugs, biologics and medical devices," added Colin G. Miller, Ph.D., Bio-Imaging senior vice president of business development. "Through this collaboration, access to the expertise within the society will also allow us to expand the group of experts and consultants who provide support to our clients. Furthermore, we have identified a number of discrete initiatives on which we are starting to collaborate that will enhance our experience and help develop the use of nuclear medicine in clinical trials. Bio-Imaging education programs are also an area of collaboration with SNM," said Miller.

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