Canada wood: Government of Canada provides continued support


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BEIJING -- A program that promotes Canadian wood exports will receive continued support for its activities from the Government of Canada. The Honourable John McCallum, Minister of National Revenue and Minister of Natural Resources, today announced that approximately $2.5 million in funding for the Canada Wood Export Program (known as Canada Wood) will be targeted to the Chinese market in 20052006.

The contribution to the program, which is administered by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), will be matched by funding from the Canadian wood-products industry as well as the provinces of British Columbia, Quebec and Ontario.

"Through the Canada Wood program, the Canadian industry has established a strong foothold in the expanding Chinese market and an in depth understanding of its requirements," said Minister McCallum. "With this funding, the program will increase our market development activities and do even more to get Canadian wood and wood products into China."

The money will support market-development efforts, including a strong Canadian presence in the Chinese market; branding initiatives such as high-profile trade shows, publications and training seminars; and technical support activities, including wood-frame construction training projects and market acceptance.

Launched in 2002, Canada Wood is a five-year, $35-million partnership with the domestic wood industry. Projects funded by Canada Wood have resulted in the development of codes and standards for wood-frame construction in China, Japan and Taiwan; increased sales of Canadian prefabricated homes in the United Kingdom and France; and the accreditation of Canadian plywood panels for sale in the European Union.

China represents Canada Wood's second-largest investment in market-development activities. Since 2002, exports of Canadian wood products to China have risen more than 76 percent from $58.7 million to $103.5 million in 2004, with continued growth expected.

Canada Wood has also partnered with NRCan's Super E Program to expand markets for energy-efficient housing. In June 2005, the Super E technology was introduced to China, with several Super E homes built in Shanghai.

This investment in expanding Canada's wood-export markets advances the country's international leadership role in the natural resources sectors, which are a vital part of Canada's economy and society. It also supports the Government of Canada's commitment to building on the strength of our country and our people.

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