Chemical Biology & Drug Design. A new face, a new title, a new vision


Press release from Blackwell Publishing Ltd.

From 2006, Tomi K Sawyer will take command of Chemical Biology & Drug Design, a significant re-launch of the internationally acclaimed Journal of Peptide Research. The newly entitled journal will have a revised aims and scope reflecting the evolving multidisciplinary fields of chemical biology and drug design, and a significantly expanded editorial team of world class academic and industrial scientists.

Having already achieved over 250 publications and patents, Tomi has an outstanding academic and industrial track record of small-molecule drug discovery exemplifying receptor, protease and signal transduction therapeutic targets. Professionally, he is employed as Senior Vice-President of Drug Discovery with ARIAD Pharmaceuticals, a global organization dedicated to the discovery and development of breakthrough medicines. Since joining the company in 1997, he has previously served as Vice-President and Director of Drug Discovery. Within his role, Tomi has oversight of small-molecule lead compound generation, optimization and development to clinical candidates. This work integrates chemistry with biology and drug design to establish a preclinical engine for advancing novel small-molecule lead compounds. Tomi is also Adjunct Professor at both the University of Massachusetts (Departments of Chemistry and Biochemistry & Molecular Biology) and the University of Massachusetts Medical School (Department of Cancer Biology).

As he begins this new adventure with the leading society publishers Blackwell Publishing, Tomi's vision is well-articulated in his own words: "Unquestionably, my career in drug discovery is reflected by a pursuit of smart chemistry tackling complex biology by way of inventive drug design. It is such a quest for knowledge and passion for life that will establish the multidisciplinary framework of Chemical Biology & Drug Design as well as its dedication to the advancement of innovative science, technology and medicine."

Further enhancements of the journal include online submission and author services, allowing authors to track their papers from submission right through to publication.

Source: Eurekalert & others

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