International conference on death, dying and disposal


Two hundred of the world's leading experts in death, dying and disposal will meet at a conference at the University of Bath this week to present and discuss their latest research findings.

The gathering, which takes place from 15-18 September, will be by far the largest and most international of the seven conferences on The Social Context of Death, Dying and Disposal held since 1993, reflecting an increasing worldwide interest in how human society deals with mortality.

Topics to be presented at the conference include:

  • Changing trends in funerals and memento mori
  • Death is the new sex in popular TV
  • Roadside memorials to the dead
  • Photographing corpses and death art
  • Death customs and practices from around the world
  • Children and young people and death
  • The social (and legal) life of corpses
  • Organ retention, donation and trafficking
  • Architectural challenges of cemeteries and crematoria

Source: Eurekalert & others

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