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Southern Appalachian landscapes: Preserving our heritage


Southern Appalachian Man and the Biosphere (SAMAB) 16th Annual Conference

The natural and historical landscapes of the southern Appalachians offer cherished beauty and valued connections to a shared past. Protecting these landscapes--mountain vistas, historical sites, rural agriculture, streams and riparian areas--is an imperative for preserving southern Appalachian heritage.

The 2005 SAMAB Conference will bring together community members; local, state, tribal, and Federal leaders; resource managers; educators; and scientists to address steps underway and steps needed to protect these landscapes.

The conference will feature a number of field, discussion, and social experiences that introduce participants to landscapes of importance to southern Appalachian heritage in general, and particularly to the Cherokee. Learn about resource management, economic development, and research activities that will protect the natural, cultural, and built features of these landscapes.

Source: Eurekalert & others

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