Research Australia welcomes NEMIC shift to community-driven health and medical research


Research Australia welcomes the changes announced by NHMRC to its strategy and structure and supports the organisation's overall goal of a better fit between community needs and national health priorities.

Research Australia Chief Executive, Dr Christine Bennett said the new independent Statutory Authority, with its clear vision for connecting with the community through its strategic 'Health Stream' groups should ensure a better clarity of direction in the delivery of high quality targeted research.

"The new approach to identifying national priorities should result in enhanced flexibility in directing scarce research dollars to high priority areas. It should also promote funding partnership opportunities and encourage interdisciplinary research activities while at the same time create efficiencies in the research funding application process for researchers," said Dr Bennett

"Overall this should provide a sound decision-making platform and surety of funding for researchers with the potential for longer term funding grants. This can only strengthen Australia's position as a leader in health and medical research and leave the way open for the Government to continue to increase its investment through NHMRC," she said.

Source: Eurekalert & others

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