MailCall at NJIT offers first: Stock market reports over telephone


Vincent Sette

Imagine driving in the car, sitting in the airport, or relaxing on the beach, while listening to breaking news or viewing stock market changes in real time without using a computer or television. MailCall, a division of Great American Technologies, Inc., a start-up company based at the Enterprise Development Center (EDC) at New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), now offers such a service using a cell phone.

"We've partnered with Investors Stock Daily, Inc.," said Mailcall Vice President of Business Development Vincent Sette, "to provide access to real time stock market news. At any time or anywhere using our service, a businessman, company executive, or others can check stock portfolios via telephone using Mailcall's exclusive web reader service." The program will be available only through I StockDaily ( and Mailcall starting in November of 2005."We believe that our technology will change the way investors conduct business, schedules, even lives," added Sette. "We see this necessary and unique tool for companies involved with sporting events, weather, travel services and other consumer endeavors.

MailCall allows users to access e-mail and attachments from a landline or cell phone anywhere in the world without a computer. The service permits e-mails to be prioritized, faxed, and forwarded to other addresses. Mailcall allows users to respond via e-mail either in their own voices or with pre-programmed text responses.

MailCall ( offers the only text to voice technology that can read websites and is compatible with PDAs on the market. To enroll, subscribers need an e-mail address and a telephone. Cost of this service through I Stock Daily is $29.95 per month for unlimited access.

Great American Technologies, Inc. is a communications company whose mission is to develop and market proprietary communications related technologies. Products are of high quality, reliable and easy-to-use safe tools for business professionals and consumers. GAT provides customers with convenient and effective services to suit their lifestyles and communications needs.

Since 1988, the EDC has helped inventors move innovative products out of the lab and into the marketplace. A high-tech business incubator housed in a trio of Newark buildings, the EDC provides office and lab space, financial help, business and technical services, and the shared expertise of the center's managers.

EDC is open to for-profit enterprises, operating fewer than four years and offering new technologies. The companies must have a business plan, and show evidence that they will be likely to benefit from EDC's three-year tenancies. EDC aims to reduce risk for fledgling entrepreneurs, ultimately creating businesses that will generate jobs and bolster New Jersey's economy. To date, EDC has graduated more than 75 companies.

Source: Eurekalert & others

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