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Workshop for the development of an international strategic plan

USA / Tennessee: International Energy Agency's Ad Hoc Group on Science and Energy Technologies (AHGSET) has announced its Workshop for the Development of an International Strategic Plan, which will take place in Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA on 14-17 November 2005.

The seminal strategic planning workshop will guide future activities on AHGSET and international cooperation in basic research for energy. The AHGSET workshop will be complemented by a conference to be held in March 2006 by the OECD's Global Science Forum. The GSF will further develop and expand the promising opportunities in science, simultaneously preparing a fuller perspective on the energy and economic policy implications of strengthening science.

The focus of the workshop will extend from technical issues in S&T to institutional factors that can affect long-term success. Specifically, the workshop will seek to identify and challenge the science community with the critical energy technology barriers, identify priority opportunities for broad-based or crosscutting science "push" and develop actionable strategies for research integration, innovation and collaborations.

Source: Eurekalert & others

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