New book provides a roadmap to consistent, high-quality service for any organization


Services are designed to benefit paying customers. The actual and perceived quality of services can significantly impact the financial well being of organizations. Even if the overall average quality of products and services is high, inconsistency and variation is strongly felt by customers and can affect a business' overall success. The controversy involving Ford Motor Company and Firestone Tires involved only a small fraction of the Firestone product line; however, the negative publicity and litigation has caused considerable trouble for the automobile giant.

Offering a comprehensive guide to consistent, high-quality service for any organization, "Service Design for Six Sigma: A Roadmap for Excellence" (Wiley; June 2005; $84.95; Cloth; 0-471-68291-8; presents an easy-to-master, yet highly effective data-driven method that prevents defects in any type of service process. Known as Design for Six Sigma (DFSS), this method provides a proactive approach that leads to what the authors call "a whole quality business." Not only does a whole quality business produce high-quality products and services, but it also operates at lower cost and higher efficiency throughout the entire life cycle.

Following a detailed overview that introduces the basic premise and key concepts of service DFSS, this book comprehensively covers the philosophical, organizational, and technical aspects of this method. Equipping readers with the necessary skills to apply DFSS to organizational settings, "Service Design for Six Sigma" discusses innovation, interface management, and Voice of Customer (VOC) process integration, as well as axiomatic design, design for X, the theory of inventive problem solving, transfer function, design scorecards, and Taguchi's method.

Incorporating the Information and Tools Needed to Take Advantage of Service DFSS, This Resource Features:

  • Practical, illustrative examples that demonstrates how to apply theory to practice
  • End-of-chapter problems and solutions that facilitate understanding of topics covered
  • A Java-based software package that implements axiomatic design processes. Available for download from an accompanying Wiley ftp site, Acclaro DFSS LightŪ is a software product of Axiomatic Design Solutions, Inc.
"Service Design for Six Sigma: A Roadmap for Excellence" is ideal as a reference for corporate executives, quality control managers, and process engineers, or as a complete training manual for DFSS teams. It is also an excellent text for graduate students in management, operations, and quality assurance.

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